What's Your Most Embarrassing DC Comic Reading Blindspot?

OK, folks: confession time. What’s your most embarrassing DC comic reading blindspot? The series or stories that you know you’re supposed to have read, the ones that every other comic reader has already read years ago, the ones that constantly get recommended on best-of lists as the “stories you must read”, but that you just haven’t gotten around to yet for whatever reason.

Here’s mine.

And it’s super embarrassing:

I have never read a single DC event series.

Not Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Not Infinite Crisis.

Not Final Crisis.

Not Blackest Night.

Not Flashpoint.

Not Dark Nights: Death Metal.

None of them.

You name it, I haven’t read it.

I figure I’ll get around to 'em.




*phew *

Glad to finally get that off my chest.


What’s happening?!?

Wh- Oh, no! AHHHHH!!!


Aside from the event series, some of the other DC series and stories that literally everybody in the world has already read and recommends constantly as the comics that you have to read and if you haven’t read them then you can’t even call yourself a self-respecting comic reader are you kidding me that I haven’t read are:

Batman: Year One, Batman: The Long Halloween, Batman: Hush, and The Sandman.

Yes, the Neil Gaiman one.

What? Why are you looking at me like that?

Oh. Oh, no! It’s happening agai-

OK, now that I’ve confessed, it’s your turn: What are your most embarrassing comic reading blindspots? I promise to go easy on the stonings. :laughing:


I see it more as I just haven’t gotten around to it thing. Not really embarrassed but I get it. For me it’s probably Hellblazer. It’s a big undertaking and costly. I’d really like it to be available to read here.


It is!!! Vertigo Hellblazer

And it’s super super worth every moment.


Nice. It wasn’t last I knew. I don’t currently have a subscription because I have a pretty large pile of TPB’s I’m reading but once I get caught up I’ll be renewing and that will definitely go on my list. Thank you.


It’s a newer development that they were able to arrange it to work for the Vertigo titles - before, nothing Vertigo was available. So it was reasonable of you to think what you did. Happy reading!


I never read The Killing Joke.
It’s a bit too dark for me.


I have never read Swamp Thing or Animal Man and those seem to be highly regarded.
Also, I had been reading comics for close to 20 years before getting around to Watchmen.


Also Doom Patrol, Starman, and any of the Neil Gaiman series.


Event comics except the ones by Geoff Johns.

JLA, as I got tired of it real quick.


I haven’t read a ton of Green Arrow, and I’ve been meaning to. Previously I would have said Wonder Woman, but I’ve been reading (and enjoying) more of her comics lately. :slight_smile:


I just re-read my favorites and haven’t read any of these events either even though I’m actually interested in doing so I just keep re-reading Superman stories!



I’ve never read Under the Red Hood. Usually after I finish reading or rereading a comic I go and watch the animated adaptation if it has one. Well it just so happens I’ve already seen the animated film, and there’s no way it’ll be any better than that.


I always heard the film is a huge improvement.


Its taken me till just last nite to get HALFWAY thru Morrison’s ANIMAL MAN. There’s probably more, but that’s the first I could think of


Legion of Super-Heroes. It’s impenetrable to me. I do my research and venture forth whenever I get asked about it, but that whole corner of the DCU is closed off in my head.


Legion of Superheroes Trivia coming up (right after cricket trivia).


I mean, I’ll do it if I have to. This is my job


I am actually the same way with them. Unless the questions are about them in Smallville, Thom Kallor, the Fatal Five, or Justice League vs Fatal Five I will only get one question right.


It is in terms of main story and small details, the movie is more straight to the point with the story. If the movie had kept 100% to the book, viewers who haven’t read the comic might have thought it was too much for the movie and deem the details unnecessary. Since the book took place post-crisis, there were details that established that the storyline was canon to that original timeline, and some characters came in that are obscure and aren’t seen as much anymore.

(Based on how you phrased it I wasn’t sure if you were familiar with either the book or movie, I promise I’m not trying to be one of those people :grimacing:)

TL;DR, like most book to movie adaptations, there were less details and side missions.

As for @Rip_Rubbler, it’s one of those I recommend reading at least once, and understand that it was more “shocking” for that time in comics when it came out, since y’know, we all know who’s under that hood :grin:


For awhile, The Dark Knight Returns and The Killing Joke. Now, any Vertigo, pre 2011 Superman, All Star Superman, any classic run you can think of outside of Batman, Waid Flash, and Johns GL.