What's your Favorite Young Justice Character? You Decide, My DC Friends!


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Blue Beetle for sure. Outshined the entire season 1 and season 2 cast.


The Secret!

I’m biased, but Tim Drake is one of my favorites. I am also really fond of Kaldur’ahm, Billy Batson, and La’gaan. I really hope there’s not more love triangle bullcrap in the third season.

Kaldur. He’s the only character I liked from the start. Dude seriously deserves a bigger role in DC as a whole. Maybe if the aqua man movie is successful we’ll get him on the big screen!

Who’s your favorite Young Justice Character from season 1?

Aqualad (Kaldur’ahm)
Robin (Richard)
Kid Flash (Wally)
Superboy (Conner)
Miss. Martian (Megan)
Artemis (Artemis)
Zatanna (Zatanna)
Rocket (Raquel)
Red arrow (Roy)


Oh, that’s a tough one, @robinyjtttraught…3303! In season 1, I think my favorite character was Artemis. I love her struggle to distance herself from her family and become someone that she can be proud of. :slight_smile: It was very relatable.


Rocket (Raquel) is my favorite her powers are so cool

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Hello Megan!!!
Gotta go Miss Martian. Happy to see her (almost) a proper Justice League member in Fatal Five! Hope the second half of Seaon 3 gives her some more to do, although I underatand twenty-odd minutes at a time with 40 characters leaves somebody short-changed, and I like new characters too, so…


Robin, the snickering ninja boy!

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Kid Flash :cry: bring him back please

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Connor. His attitude problem makes the show more interesting and entertaining.