What's your favorite version of Superman?

So, me personally I loved the Justice league and Justice league Unlimited cartoon version. Though my absolute favorite would have to be in superman vs the elite. Where he finally pretended to snap to show the world why he didnt just kill people. What’s yours?


Bruce Timm’s Superman from Superman The Animated Series, Justice League, and Justice League Unlimited is my favorite version. Tim Daly and George Newbern are my go to voices for Superman also.


I’m JL & JLU for Supes. STAS & JL Action are just a smidge behind. The style he was drawn in, not the show itself.


I have a soft spot for the 1940s Superman cartoon version. He always seemed to have a wink for the audience. :slight_smile:


So in print or in film/tv?

Christopher Reeve always in film.

Dan Jurgens post Crisis in print.


@Kon-El So any tbh. Cartoons film print.


Silver age supes is the best


All of them. Just seeing the El family crest gives me the warm & fuzzy, really.

Not a comprehensive list:

  • Super Friends Superman for pure nostalgia.
  • Christopher Reeve Superman for all around live action.
  • Henry Cavill for general badassery.
  • Bruce Timm Superman for the graceful fluid animation.
  • New 52 Superman for getting me into reading comics.
  • Tom Welling for nailing Kansas farm boy Clark.
  • For how I think of Superman in my head and my general overall favorite, I’m going to go with the current version by Brian Bendis and Ivan Reis. Bendis has given him a voice that I love and Reis a design that perfectly visualizes how I picture the Man of Steel.
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@moro quite an excellent explanatory list.

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