What's your favorite movie on DCU right now?

What is your favorite movie (live action or animated) on DCU right now? For the quality or story or how you feel watching it (nostalgia…)

We could get a good list going of movies to watch and why, so please contribute your favorite(s)!

Between Assault on Arkham, Under the Red Hood and Mask of the Phantasm, I’m not sure I can decide which is my overall favorite. I’d say Arkham has the best action and humor, though I’m a little biased toward it since it takes place in the Arkhamverse. Red Hood and Phantasm, though, both have phenomenally tragic stories and character work. I guess I’d have to go w/ Phantasm, if only because of Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill. As far as live action, I’d say Watchmen

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@arkhamassassin Assult on Arkham is one if my favorites and I highly recommend! Also, if you are a fan of anime, give Batman Ninja a try! It is a fun and, in my opinion, a cool adaptation of the Bat Family and Batman’s rogue gallery!

Well, Superman: The Movie is on here right now, so it’s not a fair fight.

After that, it would have to be Mask of the Phantasm, followed by The Death of Superman.