What's your favorite Green Lantern villain?

the Green Lanterns have always had such a diverse cadre of villains - from the various inter-galactic or alien threats the corps has faced (bounty hunters, despots, smugglers), to occasionally fighting and warring with other ring-wielders of the emotional spectrum, most notably the Sinestro Corps, Red Lantern Corps, Orange Lantern Corps, Ultraviolet Lantern Corps, and the Black Lantern Corps or any threats inside and/or related to the corps (Volthoom, Krona, and even the Guardians themselves occasionally.
Also, each lantern has to deal with their own sector threats in addition to handling the inter-galactic threats collectively as a team. For example, the Earth lanterns Hal Jordan, Kyle Rayner, and Guy Gardner have to handle threats to their own sector 2814 - threat to Coast City. Those threats include metas, augmented beings, or thieves that use studio trickery or special effects.
Let me know in the comments below what Green Lantern villain you find the most interesting. And why you find them interesting- whether it be because you find the power they use to be interesting, its a cool concept, they seem to be a great threat that evolves and contributes to the hero’s growth, can also talk about them, give us a story about them - about their character, powers, events, etc.

This is my list of all-time favorite Green Lantern villains -

  1. Black Hand - I like Black Hand as a villain, because he gives the most growth and resolve to heroes like Hal Jordan, Kyle Rayner, and John Stewart who lost many loved ones- like Alexandra DeWitt, Fatality, the planet of Xanshi, and Hal’s father and mother. Black Hands involvement, taught our heroes to accept their dealing with death, to come to terms with their grief, to embrace life and repel death.
    William Hand was a conduit to the black, he is also known as the Black Lantern and most known for the Blackest Night event. Black Hand is definitely the most creepy and disturbing villain that Green Lantern Hal Jordan and the corps has ever faced. There have been numerous occasions where he tried to break Hal Jordan and others by resurrecting and manipulating their lost loved ones against them.
    First origin - He came from a respectable, wealthy family but he distanced himself from them and started committing smaller crimes and even developed a “Black Book”, which contained a contingency plan for any situation that he might face. He knew he would have to fight Green Lantern so he invented a device which was an energy rod that could absorb the rings radiation and use it against Green Lantern.
    Final Origin - After Infinite Crisis, this origin was changed, he still came from a wealthy family and was still the black sheep- he was obsessed with death at a young age, and he engaged in necrophilia, and loved taxidermy- just so he could feel closer to the dead. When Atrocitus escaped he was searching for the conduit of the Black (Death), the one that would help bring the Blackest Night- so he could contain and control this power using a weapon he developed, a mysterious voice in his head(Nekron the Unliving: the dead) told William Hand to steal the weapon and so he did, he would later go onto commit his first murder, and Hand was a true psychopath as he reveled in death, he made his first costume out of the body bags his family had the mortuary and would use the energy rod against Green Lantern. His plan was to snuff out all the light of life, so the dead could be at peace. He believed that the Black was the strongest color in the emotional spectrum.
    Shortly before Green Lantern Rebirth - he Black hand’s weapon revealed the location of a spare power ring that was Green Arrow’s possession. He sought to covet the ring for himself - The Green Arrow pinned his hand to a wall, while the Spectre burnt his hand to ash- the event caused him to suffer mental trauma and anguish afterwards. He would later be picked up by the Krolotean aliens and then he would be subjected to harsh experiments which gave him the ability to drain the life force of the living to regain his lost limb. The stipulation was that he had to continue to do this to maintain his composure or he would decay.
    The Blackest Night- Hand heard the voice of Black spoke to him again- this time to took out his family and then took out himself- a black ring came to him and declared him to be the herald of the Black Lantern Corps and he was reborn as the lord of the Black Lantern Corps. With a Black Lantern ring he could resurrect the dead as zombies and bend them to his will, he could scan for other ring powers or emotional states, he could also create energy constructs and beams similar to other lanterns, however, he had a blackout effect which could turn another lantern’s ring completely off.
  2. Bolphunga the Unrelenting - I like this villain because even though he is a complete failure as a bounty hunter most of the time, his design is cool, and his motivation and perseverance to keep going after the Green Lanterns even after the odds have been stacked against him is a cool concept as well. Plus, he is good as a comedic relief at times.
  3. Volthoom (The First Lantern) -
    I like Volthoom in that his arch is int-wined with that of the Guardians and gives them an arch where they are not only the heroes and leaders of a corps they created, but also the villains of the corps- as they are beings without emotion, leading a corps of emotional beings that sometimes have their own strife with each other as well as other emotional states or beings of different corps. Yet, in towards the end of the Rise of the Third Army and Wrath of the First Lantern, they regretted what they had created and what they had done- which shows that even analytical and purely rational beings can have emotion. I would also say that it shows that the Guardians weren’t entirely flawed in their reasoning to eliminate emotion, because Volthoom was driven mad by emotion he contained, and made actions that he thought would save his own universe without acting on his own reason. However, the Guardians are flawed because all emotion must not be eliminated, rather it should be mastered and accepted, work in accordance to reason, and this is concept that most Guardians didn’t figure out until later.
    He was born and grew up as a scientist with his mother on Earth 15 - where they both cultivated and discovered the Emotional Electromagnetic Spectrum, they designed a travel lantern that allowed them to travel between space and time, an evil race of aliens had wiped out his civilization’s existence, including the members of his own family, he traveled sporadically across many dangerous environments in multiverse to learn the secrets of life to prevent death. To better use and gain more knowledge and understanding on the emotional spectrum. He found what he was looking for on Earth 0, the Maltusians poured all of their emotions into a new battery they called the Great Heart, which caused them to lose their hearts themselves and become the Guardians of the Universe- analytical, shrewd, intelligent beings of the universe. A power ring emerged from the Great Heart and he put it on, the Guardians also gave him the great heart which gave him great power, however, at same time it drove him mad and so after he destroyed thousands of Maltusians, his Great Heart ripped out of him by seven proto green lanterns and his power ring stripped from him as well, locked away in the Great chamber of Shadows- the ring gives him power to tap into all emotions of the spectrum, he can read different emotional states of any being and use that to his advantage, and he can alter reality, create constructs and projections similar to all lanterns.

I would have to pick Sinestro, since he’s a more popular villain in Green Lantern.:slightly_smiling_face:


Sinestro is a good choice @Reaganfan78. I like his arch as sort of anti-hero/villain. That he started out in Green Lantern Corps as being the Greatest Green Lantern, but his own flawed ideals of justice did not meet the standard of the Corps. Tyranny and Despotism- ruling through fear on his planet Korugar led him into conflict with the corps, and so he was expelled and exiled for that. His numerous fights and conflicts with Hal Jordan, also helped Hal grow and develop as a character as well- helped him come to terms with his own fear, to accept his own fear, and grow strong in his willpower, to work in accordance with others and gaining their trust to build true leadership, rather than ruling through fear. (Parallax also helped some too)




Yes that is also a good choice @06guer1103, larfleeze is a great adversary to green lantern corps and green lantern Hal Jordan. His power of the orange light of avarice has corrupted him (even though he was crooked even before orange light- given that he was a thief, exiled from his family for being to greedy, playing both sides of the field, selling out others for personal gain) and given him the ability to kill other claimers to orange light and steal their identity to make them his slaves in Orange lantern corps. Given that his power stems from avarice he is constantly overcharged and he is the only sole orange lantern which means he is even more of a threat.
I like him in that he is also somewhat of the comedic relief, and that he helped give resolve to part of Hal Jordan’s story in giving up the blue ring for his green ring. His conflict with Hal and Blue Lantern Corps showed him that even greedy people can have better ends, if they are hopeful and giving enough.

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