what's your favorite Flash Story? Besides Flashpoint...

My favorite story arc was when Barry and Jay finally met and kicked ass…“The Flash Of Two World’s”

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There are honestly way too many to name that are my favorites to pick just one. Some of my favorites are “The Threat” from the Golden Age, the arc between “The Last Dance” and “Freakout!” in the Silver Age, Wally’s “The Once and Future Flash”, “Crossfire”, and “Chain Lightning” are my favorites.

A lot of Waid’s run was great but I think the return of Barry Allen storyline was best.

Well. It’s not Flashpoint.

My favorite Flash story started in 1987 with Wally.

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The Return of Barry Allen. The Flash TV Series introduced me to the Flash but it was this pivotal story in Wally’s book that made me a full-time Flash fan.

I’m not sure Flashpoint would really enter my top 5 Flash stories.
The Trial Of The Flash
Terminal Velocity
Move Forward

My favorite is rebirth. Barry constantly questioning why he was alive and exploring that was great.

Rebirth by Geoff johns

I liked William Messner-Loebs and Greg LaRocque’s entire run. Back when Wally was the star of his own book.

My favorite storyline was from Waid’s run. It was called Terminal Velocity. The whole thing culminated in issue #100 of Wally’s series. It had every speedster in the DCU and heavily involved the Speedforce. Great stuff!