What's your favorite DCTV series?

Arrow. Hands down for me.

There are too many I like but I will give my top 3: The Flash (2014 Version), Justice League, and Young Justice.

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Batman (1966)

Again, all the live action, including black lightning. Never thought I see this but I’m loving it and living it up while it lasts. great time to be a geek!!!

Both Batman 66 and the Animated Series are my favorites. Current run - it’s a toss up between Flash/Supergirl.

Smallville and Constantine for now, I think. Was pretty fond of The Flash’s first season, too (2014).
Also geeking out about my assumed, soon-to-be-#1-fav, Watchmen (2019).

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Teen Titans, Young Justice and The Flash (2014)

Batman the Animated Series, Batman Beyond, Justice League and Unlimited, Static Shock The Flash 1990’s, and the CWVerse shows.

Constantine, Flash, and Arrow!

Smallville supergirl the flash

All of Timm’s animated series are excellent, as well as Tucker’s Brave and Bold. As for live action, probably “The Adventures of Superman,” but I really like how “Smallville” and the CW shows embraced the DCU to bring so many characters to the small screen.

Smallville, both Flash series, Krypton and Black Lightning.

Arrow and Gotham have had fantastic episodes though. Supergirl changed too much after S1.

Batman: TAS.

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Black Lightning is probably my favorite currently on the air. But JLU will always be my favorite show from them.

Smallville (and Gotham if it counts).
iZombie would have been it, but the latest season was really, really bad.

The rest? Don’t care for them.

Hmmm probably:

Batman: TAS
Batman Beyond

Batman Beyond, Smallville, Linda Carter Wonder Woman and Batman '66. My current favorite though is Black Lightning hands down. I can’t get enough of that show.

For sure Black Lightning, maybe because those characters are very relatable to me but i’m giving the love to Black Lightning. But Arrow right after that

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  1. Arrow
  2. Legends of Tomorrow
  3. Supergirl
  4. Black Lightning
  5. The Flash
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I have great memories of Smallville but I’m not sure how well it holds up. I haven’t watched any in a long time.

Flash/Arrow/Supergirl are great but man I really love the quality and tone of Black Lightning. (How good is Cress Williams?! Would love to see him on a show that lasts.)