What's your favorite content on DC Universe right now?

Everything available is cool but what I’ve been enjoying the most is…

Early Batman and Superman comics
Batman The Animated Series
Superman The Animated Series
Lois & Clark: Adventures of Superman
Batman and Superman movies
Flash 90’s live action show
Superheroes Special from the 70’s(finally found it!)

I enjoyed DC daily usually this community the comics and the old 50 Superman

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Comics. Especially Nightwing comics.

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And the community and everything

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But not some bugs

Totally forgot about George Reeve’s Superman show and yeah community is actually pretty cool for the most part.

I keep forgetting to check out the Daily show thing

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Yeah that old Superman show id one of my first childhood memories from the late 50s and I’ve never seen a place where they actually have from episode 1 through the end like this, it’s pretty amazing stuff historically.

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Definitely the community. Also, the shorts are awesome. I also love that I’ve discovered cool things like the 1940s animated superman.

Superfriends justice league and Batman 1989 original superman movie