What's Your Favorite and Least Favorite Change to a Character's Origins?

Be it retcons, retellings, or adaptations, all of our favorite characters have had some variations in their beginnings. Give me your favorite and your least favorite!

My favorite would have to be from Alan Scott’s recent update - that he was on the soon-to-crash train to see his boyfriend in secret! It’s a nice bit of drama added to what was otherwise a pretty elaborate and dull origin. Plus his decision to keep going after his lover’s death is a pretty spectacular display of willpower whether the Starheart demands it or not (I actually don’t know at this point??)

My least favorite is Cyborg’s Mother Box. I don’t like New 52 Mother Boxes anyway, but supplementing the advanced tech his father designed with some nebulous plug-n-play alien artifact feels like a choice made not for Vic’s sake, but to fast-track a Darkseid story. Plus making it a truly inimitable process kills the really interesting conflict of having sole access to a technology that would undoubtedly help millions of people, but is also far too dangerous to be publicly available.

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