What's your DC Comics New Year Resolution? 2019-2020 edition

What is your DC Comics goal for 2020?

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My goal this year is to

  1. Work hard on my Superman Original Series! (In Fan Creations)
  2. Participate in the DCU History Book Club!
  3. Read at least 1 classic comic a month. (Before 2011)
  4. Keep up with [New to DCU] Comics.
    Non DC Comics goals
  5. Read more of Fresh Start
  6. Collect all of Dawn of X
  7. Write an MU Marvel Fresh Start Reading Order!
  1. I need to read Naomi, Morrison’s Green Lantern and, Space Sector (BTW…why is that not available on DC digital comics app?)
  2. Create more threads about the comics I’m reading.
  3. Go see Cheetah! I’m so excited to see Cheetah!
  1. Read Convergence & Dark Nights: Metal
  2. Watch every DC Daily for 2020
  3. Read more comics in general
  4. Read at least one book a month
  5. Finally, buy the Harley Quinn statue
  1. Finish “Futures End” (I keep getting distracted and then I move onto other things forgetting I didn’t finish the last thing I started reading)
  2. read batman beyond rebirth
  3. read batman: hush
  4. read more stories from Geoff Johns
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Far sector?

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Want to read some (most/all?) of the Harley Quinn in preparation for Birds of Prey movie.

@Todd_Russell Which run?

I want to find a way to reread JLI, including the JLE issues of Breakdowns. My physical copies are too far away.
I also want to experiment with having single issues made into a hardback volume but I can’t decide which series to sacrifice. It needs to be something I want to read and have access to but won’t mind if the process ruins it a little.

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Starting with 2000- but have my eye on basically everything she’s appeared in.


What does your collection consist of?

I recently read Harley Quinn from the new 52 and it was really good from start to finish. I also enjoyed the artwork.

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It’s a new Green Lantern title…that’s all I know

I have 100 titles on my Comixology account that I am reading or rereading for the first time including

Silver Age Flash three volumes Hawkman Brave and Bold

New 52
Batman.Swamp Thing Demon Knights volumes
Already read Animal Man Frankenstein

Rebirth second phase
Justice League
Justice League Dark
Justice Leagur Odyssey issue 6 six on
Aquaman new writer
Green Lantern.Morrison
Martian Manhunter
Doomsday Clock
Doal H for Hero
Detective tomasi
Lois Lane
JIMMY olson
Freedom Fighters
Red Hood
Already read Young Justice

Reading for My Cthulu storyline topic
Madame Xanadu
2011 Justice League Dark

The Joe Hill comic series

My current comics a month behind

The new X men series

I’d like to make an effort to attend every DCU meetup this year.

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Got it. It’s Far Sector from DC’s Young Animal!


For Phase 2, I’m following in 2020

Superman, Action Comics, Supergirl, Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, Event Leviathan, Batman, Detective Comics, Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood: Outlaw, Batman and the Outsiders, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, Green lantern, Martian Manhunter, Shazam, Justice League Dark, Justice League, Justice League Odyssey, Batman/Superman, Young Justice, Dial H for Hero, Wonder Twins, Naomi, Legion of Superheroes, Doom Patrol, Freedom Fighters, Teen Titans, Titans, and Hawkman. I feel like that’s everything I plan on reading (but of course, I read EVERYTHING)

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I have heard that Gotham Central is terrific. I may read it one day.

I am more a fantasy guy than police procedural

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I read Secret Avengers by Brubaker The first arc was great.

You sre right

I have volumec1 and 2 of Winter Soldier by Brubaker.