What's your all-time favorite DC comic?

What’s your all-time favorite DC comic? The one that would make you say to someone, “You HAVE to read this!”. For the purposes of this question, you can choose a long-running series, one writer/artist’s run on a series, a single issue, a limited series, a one-shot… whatever you feel fits the criteria. BUT, please choose only one, your absolute, all-time favorite comic. I know it’s hard to choose just one. But that’s kind of the point. :slight_smile: I’m curious to see what everyone says.


Detective 2016 by Tynion.

I looked forward to receiving each issue

Runner ups
Superman 2016
Wonder Woman 2016

Picked because it was the most stand alone title with only one crossover.

Characters introduced from scratch.

Best issue Judging Batwoman

Best Character Dr Victoria October

Then Orphan.