What's up with DC Daily?

What’s up with DC Daily? Personally I liked it better when it first debuted. Tiffany Smith did the news and kept things moving. Having the same people on the roundtable couch is getting boring. Also only having one original program at a time is making it hard to justify the subscription price. I’ll hang on a little longer. Any thoughts??? The Disney online with debut with 5 original shows. I LOVE Titans and SwampThing but not much more is going on


You do realize these shows take not only time but money to produce, right? Also, I would rather have all these shows spread throughout the year than getting them dumped all at once. You don’t know if the shows on Disney+ will be good. Hell, we have no idea how the shows here will turn out, but we give them a shot because we love the content. Remember that this service isn’t even a year old yet. Some people in these forums have to understand this is a learning process. They’re still getting the kinks out, yet people throw these unrealistic expectations on it.

All I’m saying is pump the breaks and give it a chance.


I do realize that these shows take time and money but I think Warner Bros. has a few pennies to spend. All I’m saying is this service should have started stronger to build the subscription base. It’s like Destiny2… if you don’t capture your audience quickly they will lose interest and move on to something else. Netflix pumps out original programming regularly, not all of it is great but they keep trying. I’m not banging on DC Universe, I just don’t want the service to die from lack of subscribers

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Are you getting Marvel Unlimited with Disney+

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I’m definitely a DC guy but maybe. Their content looks intriguing

Not sure you know this, but Netflix is deeply in debt and could easily go bottoms up in the next few years. All those shows they’re pumping out puts them 15 billion in debt every year. Warner Bros is currently owned by AT&T which took on about $150 Billion in debt to buy it, so no WB only has the pennies that AT&T lets them spend.

And how long did it take for Netflix or Amazon to even start creating their own content. DC is a well established brand. Letting the service grow organically and not go 100s of millions in debt grinding out Originals content is good for the long term health of the service. This isn’t Netflix (or Hulu or Amazon), never was intended to be.


DC Daily > Anything that Disney+ will produce.

Young Justice & Doom Patrol > EVERYthing Disney+ will produce.

At least in my mind. :grin: