Whats the meaning of E.L._.O.?

Hey Guys!, any guess or info on what’s the meaning of this Titans Ep 11 title?..



I know E.L.O. is the Electric Light Orchestra band. Interesting that they have omitted one letter in this title. Based off of this episode, E.L.O.'s Mr. Blue Sky makes sense to me in that it relates to Dick as to tell us why Nightwing had to hide away for so long, so long, and where does he belong? Ultimately with the rest of the Titans. :sunglasses:


I was thinking that maybe the omited letter may be an space for two separate words? I cant find the supposedly leaked list of episodes, maybe that may give us a clue

Explanation Lacking _. Okay. (Fill in the blank.)

Someone on Reddit mentioned it could be Jericho using Morse trying to say ‘Ello (gov’nor).

Or it could be E.L ._. O.

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It’s the Elko place that everyone ended up meeting at. I’m guessing it’s displayed like that because the woman that gave Rachel her ticket was doing a crossword where ELKO was the answer.


Good call! Just finished watching the episode, and it was crazy! Now trying to process all that craziness ha ha ha. :flushed: :smile: