what's the last thing you watched on DC universe

Just trying to stay active with the really cool people on here I’m trying watch as many DC animated movies as I can


Watched some Superman animated series earlier

Dc daily


DC daily is good, but can’t get enough of Titans. Still gives me chills with Robin’s face scrapes.

I’m slowly making my way through Legion of Superheroes. I missed it in it’s original airing.

Batman: Gotham by Gaslight (again) :slight_smile:


DC Daily

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The first Bizzaro episode of Superman the animated series and before that the Metallo episode of Lois and Clark

I watched the pilot of Lois & Clark last night after DC Daily.

Currently watching Batman the Animated Series in HD. Before that, I was watching Green Lantern: Emerald Knights before bed last night.

Only have a few episodes left of Birds of Prey. Will probably start watching the Flash TV show from the 90’s. Have also been keeping up with Titans and DC Daily.

Last scripted show…Titans episode 2. But I have been watching DC Daily every day. It’s tough to make time to view the older shows when there is so much out there to watch.


Superman doomsday, just got it today

Wonder Woman Season 3 episode “Gault’s Brain.” The one where Diana Prince takes on a brain in a fish tank. Not kidding. A classic. :joy:

Jist finished watching this week’s Titans episode for the 2nd time

Titans episode 5. Was awesome.

My recent DCU watches:

-Legion of Super Heroes season two, episode one
-Superman: The Movie
-Batman: Mask of the Phantasm


Dc universe presents

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Titans new episode

Currently keeping up with Titans, but a majority of my time I’m watching Static Shock. My 7 year old has seen ALL DCAU cartoons except for Static & Zeta Project. Static Shock is great tho… Love seeing Rubberband Man & Ebon too!