what's the best top 5 DC Universe most watched shows and series?

I am very new to the DC Universe. My favorite heroes of the DC Universe are: Batman, static shock, the flash, Superman and much more. This is my first post, as being a disabled watcher. I am curious to know what’s the most popular series and movies. Start with the top 5 DC Universe movies and series. Thank you everyone!

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I’m gonna keep beating this dead seahorse sorry.

batman beyond
talon and Court of Owls
Vandal Savage through the ages
and to make it 5 I’ll add
Mars series dealing with conflict between reds, greens, and whites with Oa’s intervention.
Hawk world

oh my bad I thought this was series that we would like to see.

Swamp Thing
Doom Patrol
DC Daily

Based partly on nostalgia and partly on current viewing:
Swamp Thing
Batman Beyond
Legion of Superheroes

  • Krypton

Smallville, Batman Beyond, Statick Shock my favorite of them all Arrow then 2nd Place the Flash. Arrow will end at season 8 and Tom welling (Smallville clark kent) is rumored to be in it.

My Top Five shows on DCU right now (it always changes):

  1. Justice League Unlimited
  2. The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians
  3. The New Adventures of Superman
  4. Krypton
  5. Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman