what's the best part about DC universe

We see what everyone wants and don’t like about DC universe but I’m asking what do you love or like about DC universe

Pretty much everything. Except comics are last because of not many completed series

^Basically the same. I’ve not had to dive too much into comics. I’m waiting for stories I’ve always wanted to read to cycle in, but I’m more concerned with the video content, which is pretty solid right now, but could stand a few more titles.

Batman Eternal… because its the only series thats not broken up.

I find myself looking forward to DC Daily so much I’m bummed I don’t have episodes on the weekends haha. Didn’t think I would like it that much

Even though there aren’t many full arcs… when I went thru and added everything I’m kinda interested in I found myself overwhelmed with how much I have to munch on

Also, this, the community. It’s very shway indeed

Most everything. The movies are all good choices and obviously I want more but sure more are coming, the ones they have are all great and will more then keep me busy.

The selection of series is awesome. They have the vast majority of series not counting ones not on the air, which I understand and expected going in will not be on right away (props to them for dropping Krypton this year though, that was a nice surprise). Yeah no Smallville and Batman 66 is a shame, but I looked and they have all but 5 of the live action DC series made in the past… and sure at least some of them will make their way on here sooner or later so no complaints at all there.

The animated series selection is great, I am not a fan of animated series as much but all the ones I would have expected are on here. At least to my somewhat limited knowledge of DC Animated series all the ones I would expect to be on are on here… and some surprises like Static Shock and Legion of Super Heroes.

I love they have some surprises like Legends of the Super Heroes and The Spirit… I didn’t even know that last one existed… I think few did so love they added a couple sursrises from the DC vaults.

I live these forums… you don’t get anything like this on Netflix or hell…most streaming services.

The comics… I honestly love the comics. yes I complain about them not adequately letting us know when stuff is only on for a short time. But I am assuming sooner or later they will fix that. Beyond that… yeah I wish there were even more, who doesn’t. But I like what they have and they have plenty of full stories and runs that are enjoable and I have probably read the equivalent to a couple hundred dollars worth of trades (and some stuff not to my knowledge in traded) including several stories I have wanted to get around to. Some weird omissions although maybe I just don’t know something… but still plenty to read.

I like Titans, episode 1 was good and I have zero issues with it being weekly instead of dropped at one time and honestly think people have been spoiled by binge watching and streaming with instant gratification to find THAT the deal breaker.

This is a great service… room for improvement… sure but it is only their second week. For what I pay a month this has been beyond worth the price. I legit haven’t watched Netflix in weeks I am loving this service so much.

Meant to say second month not their second week.

I was never a comic book guy untili got older and now I’m reading alot I watched Lois and Clark but not really pay attention to it and Constantine loved that show justice league unlimited and animated series BATMAN ANIMATED SERIES SO MANY I can’t get enough DC universe love DC daily

  1. The Mods (they help keep things civil)
  2. Watch-a-Long’s (it’s a fun way to connect DCU members
  3. The content (comics, movies, shows)
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For me, it’s this community and of course the original programs like Titans. I have loved reading from some of the comics on here that I don’t own. I already own every single DC movie, animated and live action, so that part is more of just a convenience thing for me.