what's some good comics for beginners?

hi I just started reading some of the new 52 comics (the flash and batman) what are some other good comics to read for a beginner?

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New Teen Titans by Marv Wolfman and George Perez

Young Justice by Peter David and Todd Nauk


Are you wanting to stick with New 52 material or does the era not matter?

A few of my New 52 favorites that are available on DCU:

-Justice League: The Darkseid War (Justice League #'s 40-50; there’s also a Darkseid War Special, however that isn’t here ATM)

-Superman Unchained

-Wonder Woman #'s 1-6

If you’re looking for pre-New 52 or Rebirth material, I’d be happy to assist. Those New 52 books are a good path to continue on if you’re digging that, especially the Darkseid War arc of Justice League. It’s fantastic!

Shortest route, all comics in library

Detective Comics 471 476 Batman
Superman Rebirth, by Tomasi
Wonder Woman Year One Rebith , 2 12 even numbers
Aquaman New 52, by Geoff Johns
DC Rebirth 1, by Geoff Jones

Then Morrison JLA

Then Morrison Doom Patrol or Geoff Johns Teen Titans 2003 or Green Lantern.

Then Alan Moore Saga of Swamp Thing

Then Morrison Animal Man or Enis Planetary.

Then start reading Favorite Characters

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Jeph Loeb’s Superman/Batman run

There’s a bunch of year one stories which are perfect for new readers, since they’re origin stories. Batman: Year One, Robin: Year One, and Batgirl: Year One are all highly regarded.

Batman Long Halloween is a dope murder mystery that has 12+ Batman villains, and doesn’t require any prior Batman knowledge.

Geoff Johns is one of DC’s most beloved writers. Most of his popular arcs are new reader friendly (Aquaman, Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E.S., etc.)

Super Sons is very character based, and a lot of their rogues are new characters. Just skim wikipedia articles on Damian and Jon Kent, and you should be good.

Lastly the Wonder Comics line was designed from the ground up to attract new readers. The line just started a month ago so you haven’t really missed anything.

Happy reading!

There’s a great thread with a lot of suggestions here you can visit as well:

Happy Reading!