What's next?

Now that Harley Quinn is over, what new shows are coming to DC Universe.

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Well, we’ve got the “DC Universe All-Star Games” starting next week, a 5 part story based on the ‘80s “DC Heroes” roleplaying game.

After that: season 2 of Harley Quinn! That’s right, it’s just around the corner.

Spring will bring with it the debut of STARGIRL, a new live action series.

We’ll also have 3 new pilots and 1 new series from DCYOU Unscripted, and the upcoming variety series BIZARROTV — plus new seasons of Titans, Doom Patrol, and Young Justice.


I’m looking forward to it all!


Variety series? I know what you meant but got a chuckle visualizing DC Heroes in a brady hour type variety show.