What's Next?

So with Titans season one almost over. What is next LIVE ACTION original show, and when does it premiere?

I think Doom Patrol will be the next live action series. It’s going to premiere in 2019.

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Can confirm @WonderFlash93! Doom Patrol in March, Swamp Thing in June, and Stargirl in September for live action series :slight_smile:


Yup know little to nothing about The Doom Patrol in the comics. Their introduction in the Titans show was…uhm…cool I guess.

The live action original stuff is what I got this subscription for. Hope dont gave to wait too long to see the show.

Ya I’m not going to be watching Y.J. s3
Just not big on cartoons.

Question about swamp thing
How much will it vary from the original Swamp Thing series and how much will it be true to the comic
Can you offer up anything

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You’re doing yourself a major disservice not checking out YJ just because it’s a “cartoon”. It’s one of if not the best DC show period.

YJ is the best show that DC has ever created. In my opinion.

I’ve watched a couple dc animated movies, and I can say they are better than the live action iterations we have had to suffer through recently. But I haven’t watched a cartoon episodic “tv” series since Batman TAS.

@altorrez83 it’s totally worth checking out Young Justice. The characters and the story are the heart of it just like BTAS.

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@Angrygeeks.show1, my understanding is that the Swamp Thing show is being heavily inspired by the Alan Moore Saga of Swamp Thing run. Be excited, be be excited.


Enjoy the holidays, and buckle up for Young Justice! (But I can’t wait to see the other live action shows. The cast announcements are exciting!)

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Thanks very much