What's New to DCU 6/18/19

I’m running late on everything this week. Schools wrapping up this week… Anyway

Hey everyone!! It’s that time again. New comics, new digitized comics, and of course New Book Clubs!!!

The format as always is

  1. New to DCU
  2. Newly Digitized
  3. The Big Stuff this week
  4. Starting Points
  5. Starting Volumes
  6. Ending Volumes
  7. Summer of Events and beyond
  8. Announcements

1.New to DCU
Batman: Prelude to the Wedding Batgirl vs. The Riddler
Detective Comics #982
Eternity Girl #4
Flash #48
Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #46
Hawkman #1
Immortal Men #3
Man of Steel #3
New Super Man & The Justice League of China #24
Plastic Man #1
Red Hood and the Outlaws #23
Sideways #5
Suicide Squad #43
Titans Special #1
Wonder Woman #48

  1. Newly Digitized
    Ambush Bug(1985) #2
    Arion the Immortal(1992) #1
    Batman Family #5
    Deadman(1986) #2
    Detective Comics #311
    Detective Comics #312
    Doom Patrol(2004) #2
    Hourman(1999) #8
    Human Defense Corps (2003) #2
    Superman’s Girl Friend Lois Lane #5

  2. The Big Stuff this week
    Of course I can only pick 3 so my top three pick ups are

  • Hawkman #1 Though I haven’t read it, people universally love it!! I’m looking forward to it. Please explain what’s so great about it in the comments!
  • Flash #48 Flash War continues to heat up! As everyone is now in the future.
  • Justice League of China #24 The conclusion of The Justice League of China. It’s sad its over (totally blaming Bendis even though its probably not his fault). This series is WAY better than you could ever imagine and introduced all sorts of characters while embracing chineese and other asian cultures.

4.Starting Points
Plastic Man #1 is the start of a short but interesting run and a perfect introduction to the character.
Titans Special #1 The start of Abnett’s Titans run. It is rare for dc to double ship a title which isn’t a tentpole title. Generally that’s a good sign of quality. In this case, the run starts out strong, but loses its voice amongst all the tie-ins and character changes. (Ric, Heroes in Crisis, Drowned Earth, etc.)
Detective Comics #982 Starts a new but short creative run which focuses on the Outsiders. For anyone reading Batman and the Outsiders, this is a run that has been referenced in it!

  1. Starting Volumes

Detective Comics: On the Outside
Detective Comics #982-987

Titans: The Spark
Titans Special #1
Titans #23-27

Hawkman: Awakening
Hawkman #1
Hawkman #2-6

Plastic Man
Plastic Man #1
Plastic Man #2-6

  1. Ending Volumes

New Super-man and the Justice League of China \Last Volume
New Super-man #20-24

  1. Summer of Events

Man of Steel #3 Rogal Zar meets Superman
Flash #48 Flash War continues into the 25th century

Extra Credit
Batman: Prelude to the Wedding Batgirl vs. The Riddler #1 The two play a life and death game of cat and mouse
Hawkman #1 Let’s simplify this way to confusing Hawkman character
Titans Special #1 The Justice League ask the Titans to help people whose powers are activating.

  1. Announcements

Spotlight on the Ongoing fan fictions

Spiritual Crisis II: EDT (Supergirl Title, Mature)
Static #3 “Enter The Mack” BigPookieNERD (Static Title, Mature)
Arrowverse Elseworld Chapter 11: Green Arrow: BWMorris (Mix of Characters, 13+)
Jason and the Argonaut #9: Nu52 (Amazon Soap Opera)
Hydro #8 “The Pit”: Nathan.Payson (Original Universe)

All of these titles have people putting in lots of hard work for you. I know I take roughly 2 hours on and off an issue to write (mostly because I revise and get stumped). So please give them the support. The more you guys support them the more interesting titles may come into play.

(Your friendly neighborhood reporter)


That’s really awesome that you spotlight the fan fiction. :+1:

Adding Batgirl vs Riddler to my long list of “to read” books. I don’t know if I’m going to read all of the prelude books of the wedding stuff since I know how it turns out, but I can’t miss out on a chance to read more Batgirl.

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thanks Nathan!

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Wasn’t Titans Rebirth the start of Abnett’s run?

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Yes but it’s a reboot so it’s a new Titans run.

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What’s great about Hawkman?! It fixes his convoluted history and is a fun journey to follow along. Definitely has some Indiana Jones esque adventure moments. Read on!


I wonder why Ambush Bug? And if they’ll do the specials and the second series?


@Mae Because Ambush Bug is AWESOME.


Ambush Big is AWESOME as is Hawkman.

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This one was my favorite issue of the first Ambush Bug min-series.

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Ambush bug is whatever awesome was before it become better…

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One of the few post that I look for and forward to even when there’s nothing I’m going to read that week.

Good work sir.

@wildstorm I appreciate that so much!