What's New to DCU 6/11

Hey everyone!! It’s that time again. New comics, new digitized comics, and of course New Book Clubs!!!

The format as always is

  1. New to DCU
  2. Newly Digitized
  3. The Big Stuff this week
  4. Starting Points
  5. Starting Volumes
  6. Ending Volumes
  7. Summer of Events and beyond
  8. Announcements

Let’s begin!

  1. New to DCU

Batman #48
Batman: Prelude to the Wedding Nightwing vs. Hush #1
Batman: Sins of the Father #9
Curse of Brimstone #3
Cyborg #23
Deathstroke #32
Doomsday Clock #5 ← Guessing because it should have come last week!
Exit Stage Left: The Snagglepauss Chronicles #6
Green Arrow #41
Green Lanterns #48
Harley Quinn #43
Injustice 2 Chapter 61
Justice League #1
Man of Steel #2
Nightwing #45
Shade: The Changing Woman #4
Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay #12
Unexpected #1

  1. Newly Digitized //Disclaimer, These are guesses based on GENERAL trends
    Ambush Bug(1985) #1
    Batman Family(1975) #3
    Batman Family(1975) #4
    Detective Comics #310
    Doom Patrol (2004) #1
    Hourman(1999) #7
    Human Defense Corps(2003) #1
    Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane #4
    Total Justice #1
    Total Justice #2
    Total Justice #3

3.The Big Stuff This Week

Doomsday Clock #5
The continuation of the Doomsday story. Last issue we got development on Rorsarch II. Now it’s time to return to the plot!!

Justice League #1
The true start of Snyder’s Justice League will set up The Legion of Doom and result in crazy consequences in issue 1 alone. Expect a lot of excitement about this title!!!

Batman #48
Tom King’s Batman joins the Wedding hype well, you know. The Best Man is Tom Kings chance to truly tell a Joker story with a terrifying and yet funny interpretation of the Joker. Batman: Best Man begins!!

  1. Starting Points

Justice League #1
The start of a new series is always a great way to join in. While this issue is more of a mode setter. The mood is massive scale, big reveals, and big consequences non-stop! 25 issues in, the series only gets crazier (Not a hyperbole)
Batman #48
A great starting point for Tom King’s Batman. This series is fantastic and this is a great starting point! I’ve tried it. So I know it works!!
Unexpected #1
I don’t really understand what this series is about but I do know that it’s the introduction of the new hero, Firebrand who was a paramedic turned Superhero. I’m intrigued but there’s a long way to go!

  1. Starting Volumes

Justice League: Totality
Justice League #1-6
Harley Quinn: Harley vs. Apokolips
Harley Quinn #41-49
The Unexpected
The Unexpected #1-8

  1. Ending Volumes
    Cyborg #21-23

  2. Summer of Events and Beyond
    This segment is about giving highlights to big series which don’t fit in the other categories. The series you should be reading but get pushed down by even bigger stuff.

    Main Summer of Events

    Justice League #1 is the follow-up to Justice League: No Justice and the main line title.

    Man of Steel #2 continues as Bendis begins Rogal Zar’s efforts to end Superman.

    Batman #48 begins King’s build up to the Wedding.

    Extra Credit

    Batman: Prelude to the Wedding Nightwing vs. Hush #1 It’s time to prep for Bruce’s Bachelor Party!! Meanwhile, a certain Hush has heard word of a wedding!!

    Green Arrow #41 (Need to Check…) Hot of the reveal in Green Arrow Annual #2 and Justice League: No Justice, Ollie has new secrets.

  3. Announcements

    Thanks everyone for reading. Here’s some stuff I want to support.

    Book Clubs

    DCU Book Club Injustice 2 #1-10
    DCU Epics
    • Issues 1-12, 0, 13-21 (continued) PLUS:
    • Issues 22-28, Volume 5 Man Out of Time
    • Issues 29-34, Volume 6 End of the Trail

DCU Pride DC Bombshells #1-9
Legion of Superheroes The Brave and The Bold (2007-2010) #'s 34 and 35
Summer of Events Man of Steel #2 and Justice League #1
Summer of Events Extra Credit Batman #48 and Batman Prelude to the Wedding: Nightwing vs. Hush #1

I also have the start of the next volume of Hydro this week! You can read Hydro #7 in Fan Creations.

Thanks everyone!!! See you next week!


Oh boy, the wedding is here! I definitely have strong feelings on this story, and I’m looking forward to the discussions in your Summer of Events book club!


Thanks Nathan . This is exactly and specifically what I hoped for when I laid down my cash last summer for DCU!!!

Thanks for the Legion Club plug as well!

My pulls are:

Batman #48
Batman: Prelude to the Wedding
Green Arrow #41
Man of Steel #2
Justice League #1

Harley vs. Apokolyps sounds interesting too.

Also, I’ve decided to wait until Doomsday Clock is finished and available in trade before reading it. Cant stand the slow drip of issues.

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Oversizedgeek, Doomday Clock is great, but it will definitely benefit from reading as a set.


Looking forward to Justice League, Man of Steel, Green Arrow.


@oversized geek, your pullist is literally all the Summer of Events titles


As someone who was frustrated from Doomsday Clock delays, I will admit the wait has been worth it each and every time.

Maybe it is easier for me to handle the waits since im used to far worse from Image Comics books. I’m still waiting for Vol 2 of The Goddamned from Jason Aaron which would start at issue 6!

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@Nathan.Payson, I absolutely loved Dark Knights Metal!!! My wife gave me the 4 trade set for my birthday last year and I’ve been dieing to keep up with all the aftermath of that crisis event. Now I can :grin: even though I’m a year behind.

Also, there’s been such a hub bub about Bendis on Superman that I’ve been itching to get into that as well.

As far as King’s Batman goes, I just figured the wedding was as good a place to jump in as any.

Absolutely is!!!

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By the way, the Summer of Events stuff is coming, I’m reading them right now and writing everything. Sorry!!

Why didn’t we get Doomsday Clock 5 this week?

I asked in office hours. I don’t know