What's New on DCUI: September 2021

Listen, it’s come to our attention that some of you just really like reading comics. Whether they be old, new, borrowed or blue, you just love them. With that in mind, it just feels wrong to not let you know what’s coming up for September. It’s gonna be a GREAT month!

Not only will you be the first to continue reading comics like HARLEY QUINN ANIMATED SERIES: THE EAT,. BANG! KILL TOUR and ICON & ROCKET SEASON ONE, as well as catching up on FUTURE STATE; you’ll also be the first to see:


Plus lots more goodies from the vault! :old_key: Read on to get your pull list together:


:+1: =Issue #1
:old_key: = From the archives vault
:sparkles: = 6 months from release
:minidisc: = Digital early release
:1st_place_medal: = DCUI early access

Series Issue Type Date
Legends of the Dark Knight 9 :minidisc: 9/1/2021
Infinite Frontier: Secret Files 4 :minidisc: 9/2/2021
Suicide Squad: King Shark 3 :1st_place_medal: 9/3/2021
Represent! 12 :minidisc: 9/3/2021
Truth & Justice 14 :minidisc: 9/6/2021
Aquaman (1962-1978) 55 :old_key: 9/7/2021
Green Arrow (1987-1998) 13 :old_key: 9/7/2021
Icon (1993-1997) 19 :old_key: 9/7/2021
Static (1993-1997) 20 :old_key: 9/7/2021
Wonder Woman (1942) 49 :old_key: 9/7/2021
Harley Quinn: The Animated Series: The Eat. Bang! Kill. Tour 2 :1st_place_medal: 9/7/2021
Batman 106 :sparkles: 9/7/2021
Crime Syndicate :+1: 1 :sparkles: 9/7/2021
Infinite Frontier 0 :sparkles: 9/7/2021
Man-Bat 2 :sparkles: 9/7/2021
Suicide Squad :+1: 1 :sparkles: 9/7/2021
The Dreaming: Waking Hours 8 :sparkles: 9/7/2021
The Swamp Thing :+1: 1 :sparkles: 9/7/2021
Legends of the Dark Knight 10 :minidisc: 9/8/2021
Represent! 13 :minidisc: 9/10/2021
The Joker Presents: A Puzzlebox Director’s Cut 8 :1st_place_medal: 9/13/2021
Truth & Justice 15 :minidisc: 9/13/2021
Aquaman (1962-1978) 56 :old_key: 9/14/2021
Blood Syndicate (1993-1995) 14 :old_key: 9/14/2021
Detective Comics 639 :old_key: 9/14/2021
Green Arrow (1987-1998) 14 :old_key: 9/14/2021
Hardware (1993-1997) 20 :old_key: 9/14/2021
Batman: The World :+1: 1 :1st_place_medal: 9/14/2021
Hardware: Season One 2 :1st_place_medal: 9/14/2021
Titans United :+1: 1 :1st_place_medal: 9/14/2021
RWBY/Justice League 12 :minidisc: 9/14/2021
American Vampire 1976 6 :sparkles: 9/14/2021
Batman: Urban Legends :+1: 1 :sparkles: 9/14/2021
Rorschach 6 :sparkles: 9/14/2021
Superman 29 :sparkles: 9/14/2021
Sweet Tooth: The Return 5 :sparkles: 9/14/2021
The Green Lantern Season Two 12 :sparkles: 9/14/2021
The Joker :+1: 1 :sparkles: 9/14/2021
Wonder Woman 770 :sparkles: 9/14/2021
Legends of the Dark Knight 11 :minidisc: 9/15/2021
Infinite Frontier: Secret Files 5 :minidisc: 9/16/2021
Suicide Squad: King Shark 4 :1st_place_medal: 9/17/2021
Represent! 14 :minidisc: 9/17/2021
Truth & Justice 16 :minidisc: 9/20/2021
Detective Comics 640 :old_key: 9/21/2021
Green Arrow (1987-1998) 15 :old_key: 9/21/2021
Icon (1993-1997) 20 :old_key: 9/21/2021
Static (1993-1997) 21 :old_key: 9/21/2021
The New Teen Titans Annual 2 :old_key: 9/21/2021
Static: Season One 4 :1st_place_medal: 9/21/2021
Batman vs. Ra’s Al Ghul 5 :sparkles: 9/21/2021
Catwoman 29 :sparkles: 9/21/2021
Justice League 59 :sparkles: 9/21/2021
Nightwing 78 :sparkles: 9/21/2021
Superman Red & Blue :+1: 1 :sparkles: 9/21/2021
DC Connect 17 :sparkles: 9/21/2021
Legends of the Dark Knight 12 :minidisc: 9/22/2021
The Joker Presents: A Puzzlebox Director’s Cut 9 :1st_place_medal: 9/27/2021
Truth & Justice 17 :minidisc: 9/27/2021
Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis (2006-2007) 49 :old_key: 9/28/2021
Blood Syndicate (1993-1995) 15 :old_key: 9/28/2021
Detective Comics 641 :old_key: 9/28/2021
Green Arrow (1987-1998) 16 :old_key: 9/28/2021
Hardware (1993-1997) 21 :old_key: 9/28/2021
DC Horror Presents: The Conjuring: The Lover 2 :1st_place_medal: 9/28/2021
Icon & Rocket: Season One 3 :1st_place_medal: 9/28/2021
RWBY/Justice League 13 :minidisc: 9/28/2021
Action Comics 1029 :sparkles: 9/28/2021
Batman Black & White 4 :sparkles: 9/28/2021
Batman/Superman 16 :sparkles: 9/28/2021
Detective Comics 1034 :sparkles: 9/28/2021
Future State: Teen Titans - Ruins :+1: 1 :sparkles: 9/28/2021
Harley Quinn :+1: 1 :sparkles: 9/28/2021
Teen Titans Academy :+1: 1 :sparkles: 9/28/2021
Batman: Curse of the White Knight 6 :sparkles: 9/28/2021
Legends of the Dark Knight 13 :minidisc: 9/29/2021
Infinite Frontier: Secret Files 6 :minidisc: 9/30/2021

Tell us- what are you most excited to read? Let us know in the comments below! :point_down:


Very cool to finally get the other half of the Batman/ Detective “Idiot Root” crossover. Very much looking forward to revisiting that one.


I’m really excited to see Detective Comics being added and Green Arrow as well! Can’t wait to see The Joker #1 and Superman: Red & Blue! :grinning:


@KookieSuperApe - Here you go! Hold us to it towards the end of the month :slight_smile:


Getting more of the Green Arrow '87 series :+1:t4: :+1:t4: :+1:t4:


Do you mean the OGN that was announced a while back? Is this the entire book? If so HOLY CRAP that’s a hell of a deal!

For those who don’t know, this is coming out in physical as a 180+ OGN that has an America story by Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo, but then stories from creators from all over the world.

From their blog:

Mathieu Gabella (writer)/Thierry Martin (artist) – France

Paco Roca (writer/artist) – Spain

Alessandro Bilotta (writer)/Nicola Mari (artist) – Italy

Benjamin von Eckartsberg (writer)/Thomas von Kummant (artist) – Germany

Stepan Kopriva (writer)/Michal Suchánek (artist) – Czech Republic

Tomasz Kolodziejczak (writer)/Piotr Kowalski, Brad Simpson (artists) – Poland

Ertan Ergil (writer)/Ethem Onur Bilgiç (artist) – Turkey

Alberto Chimal (writer)/Rulo Valdés (artist) – Mexico

Carlos Estefan (writer)/Pedro Mauro (Artist) – Brazil

Inpyo Jeon (writer)/Jae-kwang Park, Kim Jung Gi (artists) – Korea)

Xu Xiaodong, Lu Xiaotong (writers)/Qiu Kun, Yi Nan (artists) – China

Kirill Kutuzov, Egor Prutov (writers)/Natalia Zaidova (artist) – Russia

Okadaya Yuichi (writer/artist) - Japan


Batman the world is a great deal. Also, future state is getting me excited for comics in a way that I haven’t been in a while, so this is looking quite nice.

I’m still missing some vertigo backlog here, but overall looks good. Thanks.


That Magistrate is a #####, ain’t it? And what was A-Day? We know the results but what actually happened?

I’m enjoying Future State quite a bit as well. Not all of it but enough of it that I’m anxious to see what happens each week and where it all leads into Infinite Frontier.

What am I most excited to read? If I could only read one book on that list it would be ‘Infinite Frontier #0’. For sure. The relaunch of the entire DC Universe coming out of Future State? Yeah, like C&H Pure Cane Sugar…that’s the one.


Yeah, part of me was kind of hoping that much like what they did with Sweet Tooth, they would get Y: The Last Man on the service with the release of the show on FX on Hulu, but hey, can’t complain too much.

We see what happened in Infinite Frontier #0.


I might be wrong but I believe this happened in The Joker War. I also know we find out more about A-Day in The Joker.

If you like Future State, I definitely suggest Future State: Gotham. It is in black and white but that story has been getting better with each issue. I don’t think it is on DCUI yet.


Yup. All 184 glorious pages of Batman: The World will be available on DC Universe Infinite on September 14th :slight_smile:


Thanks, AH! Besides that, I’m also very happy to see some other already-digitized comics will be coming to DCUI: Aquaman #53-56, Detective #639-640, New Teen Titans Annual #2 and, holy crap, it looks like we’re finally going to start getting the rest of Mike Grell’s Green Arrow run on here! :+1:


I’m pleased to see some of the gaps in comics being filled. Still missing a handful from Justice League (87-96) run. It would be nice to see a better balance between Silver/Golden Age comics. While the Strange Adventures was a nice addition-- I bet more people would’ve liked to see some of the gaps in Adventure Comics or World’s Finest instead of SA.


Finally, a complete run of the1st Aquaman series! And those Detective do also fill in key issues. I would like to see more of a focus on filling in some of the bigger holes than obscure books.


Those Green Arrow issues are already available on the app. The series currently has the first 25 issues, then a gap until No. 80.


Hmm, you’re right. Any idea what’s going on with this, @Alec.Holland?

Edit: So, apparently, we have those issues, but Comixology doesn’t. I’m not sure how that will ultimately affect us, though.


I guess for me…

REPRESENT! #12, #13 and #14.




Oh, and probably BATMAN: THE WORLD.


Curse of the White Knight 6 :slight_smile:


Why are scans being used for the Captain Comet stories in Strange Adventures? These stories were restored for Captain Comet Archives V1


Hey Gotham,

The team that works on the archives and digitization for issues is quite small, so they need to work as efficiently as possible to make sure that archived issues are added to the service regularly.

In this case, it’s far quicker for them to use scans for the issues of Strange Adventures than to locate the digitized versions that are included in the Captain Comet Archives. Based on the links from the site that you shared, it doesn’t look like the digitized version is readily available at the moment, so there’s potentially some licensing issues involved there too.