What's New on DC Universe: SUPERMAN: SECRET ORIGIN, 52, and FOREVER EVIL!

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It’s that special day of the weekend again, folks! We’ve released new comics, new Sweepstakes, new Polls, the works. Read all about it in this week’s entry on all the new content that’s fit to print.

What are you the most excited about this week? Grant Morrison’s New 52 run? Forever Evil? Let us know in the comments below!


Golly, so many new shinies to read and be in awe of! A big thank you to the kind folks responsible for the magic.

Lessee, I’m jonesin’ most for:

-Forever Evil
-New Super-Man
-The Wildstorm #'s 7-12

I still need to finish Gotham City Sirens, For Tomorrow, Flashpoint, the Elegy arc of 'Tec and maybe squeeze in a re-read of The Black Mirror too.

DC Universe RAWX!


I’ve been hoping we’d have 52 on the service since I preordered on the announcement day. So glad it’s finally here! My dream of having The Question archives at my fingertips wherever I go is getting ever closer.

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I was most excited for Green Arrow and Black Canary Wedding Special. In fact, I’ve already read it :laughing: I don’t know if it was added this week or last, but Superwoman looks interesting. I’ll be checking that one out soon because I really like Lana Lang :slight_smile:

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The GA/BC Wedding Special is here? I didn’t notice. I haven’t read that in years.

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So when will Hush be coming out?

I never read the GA/Black Canary wessing special, but now that I have gotten into the Harley Quinn comics if Amanda Connor drew it I am there… and Winick writing it is a bonus.

Didn’t know Superwoman was added too, Got a huge backlog of things I want to read, but now that I am almost caught up with the Harley Quinn issues on here and about to finish New Teen Titans I might have to check that out. Any chance of adding the DC COmics Presents Annuals featuring Superwoman, not the same character but in a way the predicessor. Always amazed she never went anywhere, but she was interesting so be all for more people learning about her.

But enough with the request on this thread, great additions as always.

Forever evil, OMG alleluia. Wooowwww. That’s too good.

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Again, love the comic additions but not a single all ages book was added.

Please add all ages book for the kids. Remember the kids!!

Batman 66 would be great.


Batman 66 and Batman Adventures were both on here when the app launched, but taken down because presumably few people were reading them. But I agree they do need some all ages stuff.