What's New on DC Universe Infinite & ULTRA: FEBRUARY

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We’re sticking with the new format of splitting up the lists into 2 drop-down menus to showcase upcoming ULTRA comics as well as regular DC UNIVERSE INFINITE issues.

Let’s not waste any time and get right into the lists! Get your pull lists together:



:+1: =Issue #1
:old_key: = From the archives vault
:sparkles: = 30 days from release
:minidisc: = Digital early release
:1st_place_medal: = DCUI early access

Series Issue Type Date
Batman & The Joker: The Deadly Duo (2022-) 3 :sparkles: 2/7/2023
Batman Incorporated (2022-) 4 :sparkles: 2/7/2023
Batman: The Adventures Continue Season Three (2023-) :+1: 1 :sparkles: 2/7/2023
Batman: Urban Legends (2021-) 23 :sparkles: 2/7/2023
Danger Street (2022-) 2 :sparkles: 2/7/2023
I Am Batman (2021-) 17 :sparkles: 2/7/2023
Lazarus Planet: Alpha (2023) :+1: 1 :sparkles: 2/7/2023
The Batman & Scooby-Doo Mysteries (2021-) 4 :sparkles: 2/7/2023
The Flash (2016-) 790 :sparkles: 2/7/2023
Human Target (2021-) 10 :sparkles: 2/7/2023
WildC.A.T.s (2022-) 3 :sparkles: 2/7/2023
Wonder Woman (2016-) 795 :sparkles: 2/7/2023
Batgirls (2021-) 14 :sparkles: 2/14/2023
Batman - One Bad Day: Bane (2022) :+1: 1 :sparkles: 2/14/2023
Batman/Superman: World’s Finest (2022-) 11 :sparkles: 2/14/2023
Batman: Fortress (2022-) 8 :sparkles: 2/14/2023
Black Adam (2022-) 7 :sparkles: 2/14/2023
Catwoman (2018-) 51 :sparkles: 2/14/2023
Fables 157 :sparkles: 2/14/2023
GCPD: The Blue Wall (2022-) 4 :sparkles: 2/14/2023
Lazarus Planet: Assault on Krypton (2023) :+1: 1 :sparkles: 2/14/2023
Monkey Prince (2021-) 10 :sparkles: 2/14/2023
Nightwing (2016-) 100 :sparkles: 2/14/2023
The Flash (2016-) 791 :sparkles: 2/14/2023
The New Champion of Shazam (2022) 4 :sparkles: 2/14/2023
Titans United: Bloodpact (2022-) 5 :sparkles: 2/14/2023
Action Comics (2016-) 1051 :sparkles: 2/21/2023
Batman - One Bad Day: Catwoman (2022) :+1: 1 :sparkles: 2/21/2023
Blue Beetle: Graduation Day (2022-) 3 :sparkles: 2/21/2023
Blue Beetle: Graduation Day (Spanish Language Edition) (2022-) 3 :sparkles: 2/21/2023
DC Horror Presents: Sgt. Rock vs. The Army of the Dead 5 :sparkles: 2/21/2023
Detective Comics (2016-) 1068 :sparkles: 2/21/2023
Harley Quinn (2021-) 26 :sparkles: 2/21/2023
Justice Society of America (2022-) 2 :sparkles: 2/21/2023
Lazarus Planet: We Once Were Gods (2023) :+1: 1 :sparkles: 2/21/2023
Punchline: The Gotham Game (2022-) 4 :sparkles: 2/21/2023
Human Target (2021-) 11 :sparkles: 2/21/2023
The Sandman Universe: Dead Boy Detectives (2022-) 2 :sparkles: 2/21/2023
Tim Drake: Robin (2022-) 5 :sparkles: 2/21/2023
Batman: Legends of Gotham (2023) :+1: 1 :sparkles: 2/28/2023
Lazarus Planet: Legends Reborn (2023) :+1: 1 :sparkles: 2/28/2023
The Flash: One-Minute War Special (2023) :+1: 1 :sparkles: 2/28/2023



:+1: =Issue #1
:old_key: = From the archives vault
:sparkles: = 6 months from release
:minidisc: = Digital early release
:1st_place_medal: = DCUI early access

Series Issue Type Date
DC Speechless! 5 :1st_place_medal: 2/2/2023
Artemis: Requiem (1996) 6 :old_key: 2/7/2023
Batman: Journey into Knight (2005-2006) 5 :old_key: 2/7/2023
Gen13 (1995-1998) 27 :old_key: 2/7/2023
Justice Society of America (1992-1993) 4 :old_key: 2/7/2023
Stormwatch (1993-1997) 38 :old_key: 2/7/2023
Harley Quinn: The Animated Series: Legion of Bats! 5 :1st_place_medal: 2/7/2023
Batgirls (2021-) 9 :sparkles: 2/7/2023
Batman: Urban Legends (2021-) 18 :sparkles: 2/7/2023
Blood Syndicate: Season One (2022-) 4 :sparkles: 2/7/2023
Dark Crisis: Worlds Without A Justice League - Green Lantern (2022) :+1: 1 :sparkles: 2/7/2023
DCeased: War of the Undead Gods (2022-) :+1: 1 :sparkles: 2/7/2023
Future State: Gotham (2021-) 16 :sparkles: 2/7/2023
Harley Quinn (2021-) 19 :sparkles: 2/7/2023
I Am Batman (2021-) 12 :sparkles: 2/7/2023
Naomi: Season Two 6 :sparkles: 2/7/2023
Nubia: Queen of the Amazons (2022) 3 :sparkles: 2/7/2023
Superman: Son of Kal-El (2021-) 14 :sparkles: 2/7/2023
The Jurassic League (2022-) 4 :sparkles: 2/7/2023
Wonder Woman (2016-) 790 :sparkles: 2/7/2023
Multiversity: Harley Screws Up The DCU :+1: 1 :1st_place_medal: 2/13/2023
Batman: Journey into Knight (2005-2006) 6 :old_key: 2/14/2023
Captain Marvel Adventures (1941-1953) 124 :old_key: 2/14/2023
Gen13 (1995-1998) 28 :old_key: 2/14/2023
Justice Society of America (1992-1993) 5 :old_key: 2/14/2023
Stormwatch (1993-1997) 39 :old_key: 2/14/2023
Aquaman & The Flash: Voidsong (2022-) 3 :sparkles: 2/14/2023
Batman - One Bad Day: The Riddler (2022) :+1: 1 :sparkles: 2/14/2023
Batman/Superman: World’s Finest (2022-) 6 :sparkles: 2/14/2023
Batman: The Knight (2022-) 8 :sparkles: 2/14/2023
Black Adam (2022-) 3 :sparkles: 2/14/2023
Catwoman (2018-) 46 :sparkles: 2/14/2023
Dark Crisis: Young Justice (2022-) 3 :sparkles: 2/14/2023
DC vs. Vampires: All-Out War (2022-) 2 :sparkles: 2/14/2023
DUO (2022-) 4 :sparkles: 2/14/2023
Harley Quinn (2021-) 20 :sparkles: 2/14/2023
Nightwing (2016-) 95 :sparkles: 2/14/2023
Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? (2010-) 117 :sparkles: 2/14/2023
The Flash (2016-) 785 :sparkles: 2/14/2023
DC Speechless! 6 :1st_place_medal: 2/16/2023
Batman: Journey into Knight (2005-2006) 7 :old_key: 2/21/2023
Captain Marvel Adventures (1941-1953) 125 :old_key: 2/21/2023
Gen13 (1995-1998) 29 :old_key: 2/21/2023
Stormwatch (1993-1997) 40 :old_key: 2/21/2023
Whiz Comics (1940-1952) 2 :old_key: 2/21/2023
Stargirl: The Lost Children 4 :1st_place_medal: 2/21/2023
Action Comics (2016-) 1046 :sparkles: 2/21/2023
Batman: Fortress (2022-) 4 :sparkles: 2/21/2023
Batman: White Knight Presents: Red Hood 2 :sparkles: 2/21/2023
DC: Mech (2022-) 2 :sparkles: 2/21/2023
Deathstroke Inc. (2021-) 12 :sparkles: 2/21/2023
Detective Comics (2016-) 1063 :sparkles: 2/21/2023
Fables 154 :sparkles: 2/21/2023
Harley Quinn (2021-) 21 :sparkles: 2/21/2023
Justice League vs. The Legion of Super-Heroes (2022) 5 :sparkles: 2/21/2023
Olympus: Rebirth :+1: 1 :sparkles: 2/21/2023
Robin (2021-) 17 :sparkles: 2/21/2023
Tales of the Human Target :+1: 1 :sparkles: 2/21/2023
Task Force Z (2021-) 11 :sparkles: 2/21/2023
The Swamp Thing (2021-) 16 :sparkles: 2/21/2023
Batman: Journey into Knight (2005-2006) 8 :old_key: 2/28/2023
Captain Marvel Adventures (1941-1953) 126 :old_key: 2/28/2023
Gen13 (1995-1998) 30 :old_key: 2/28/2023
Justice Society of America (1992-1993) 6 :old_key: 2/28/2023
Stormwatch (1993-1997) 41 :old_key: 2/28/2023
Batman: Gotham Knights – Gilded City 5 :1st_place_medal: 2/28/2023
Shazam! Fury of the Gods Special: Shazamily Matters :+1: 1 :1st_place_medal: 2/28/2023
DC’s Saved by the Belle Reve (2022) :+1: 1 :sparkles: 2/28/2023
Harley Quinn 2022 Annual :+1: 1 :sparkles: 2/28/2023
Superman: Warworld Apocalypse (2022) :+1: 1 :sparkles: 2/28/2023
The Flash 2022 Annual :+1: 1 :sparkles: 2/28/2023
The Sandman Universe: Nightmare Country (2022-) 5 :sparkles: 2/28/2023
Wonder Girl 2022 Annual :+1: 1 :sparkles: 2/28/2023

Tell us- what are you most excited to read? Let us know in the comments below! :point_down:


Are we not getting DC Power: A Celebration and DC’s Harley Quinn Romances? They come out the same day as the stuff that goes out on 2/28.


Blue Beetle: Graduation Day!!! Let’s gooooooo!!

I’m not reading it until all 6 issues are on dcui though. I learned the hard way not to binge-read a series that you can’t finish yet.

Jurassic League…


I suspect you’ll see those in the 1st week of March, just based on the way that the system works. We release comics 30 days after their initial release date for DCUI ULTRA (or the closest Tuesday to that), which in this case looks to be March 7th.


I’m so very excited to see more of JSA '92, Batman The Adventures Continues Season 3, Batman Radio Adventures, The Batman & Scooby-Doo Mysteries, Batman & Superman: World’s Finest & Stargirl: Lost Children! And also Captain Marvel Adventures! This is going to be a great month, can’t wait! :nerd_face::books::books::books::books::books::books::books::books:


It appears the rumors of Justice Society of America’s demise were greatly exaggerated. :relieved:


Seeing Whiz and old Captain Marvel makes me hopeful for romance comics. Also happy to see Justice Society is continuing!!! Can’t wait for this full series so I can read it in one sitting. The first volume was excellent.


Most looking forward to Stargirl: The Lost Children, but am ecstatic that Captain Marvel stuff is going to be put on. Does anyone know if the complete issues will be posted or just a few stories like the early action comics? for example, will we see the story of Golden Arrow in Whiz Comics #2. My biggest disappointment with DCUI was not being able to read the early Zatarra stories from action.


That is a great question! Those old Captain Marvel comics are weird because if I am right some of the characters in the other stories are in public domain.


I understand if the rights aren’t owned by DC and admit Golden Arrow may be such a character. I had just stumbled across him last week and knew he was in the issue. Other story in this issue star Ibis the Invincible and Spy-Smasher which I believe DC still have the rights to. I would be upset if these stories were not published since it didn’t have Captain Marvel in it. (To be honest, my main concern is that the Marvel family stories are generally available in collections while the smaller characters may not have ever been reprinted.)


Not off the top of my head, but I’ve tasked the experts in our team to try and find out for you. No promises, but leave it with me! :slight_smile:


WHOA, Whiz Comics and Captain Marvel Adventures?!? Great to see such vintage material being added! It feels like ages since we’ve seen anything new from before the 70s! Well done!


I am excited for others with the Whiz comics. I am like meh on most of this month for me, but that is fine because there is still a bazillion things I want to read from the Ultra drop. I can’t complain.


I am also happy to see the Whiz Comics/Captain Marvel material. I am hopeful that this means a possible appearance of the 1973 SHAZAM! series. (Yeah, I know, I have requested that before; just hoping to be that squeaky wheel until it eventually happens. )

It would be nice to see the old 8-issue series, THE MIGHTY ISIS, also, though I don’t know if there might be a rights issue with this. Just thought to throw that one out there.


I wonder if the name might not be a reason too. While obviously not the comic series fault, it was published in the 70’s, the name “Isis” has a much different association than it did when the character was created. I always thought that was probably why Zari never used that name in the Legends of Tomorrow series, even though she was supposed to be adapted from Isis. Granted, reprinting an old series with that name is a bit different then if they continue to use it (sense if she comes back in modern comics they will call her something else. Unless she is back now, I admit I am not 100% up on current continuity). But that combied with the likely limited interest in the Isis comic in general I felt might be the main reason it is not archived yet.

Although, while someone else owns the rights to the TV series, DC clearly has the rights to the character in comics, so who knows just weighing in my theory.

Also on an unrelated note, I doubt anyone here can give an answer. But do any of the mods or the like know why Captain Marvel Adventures starts with issue #124? That just seems like such a random place to start. Are there not good copies, or any copies of the earlier issues, or not enough to do a consistent run? Are the previous issues among the many Captain Marvel comics in the public domain so DC didn’t think it was worth archiving issues so readily availiable since comixology and the like might not sell well when they are availiable for free?

I am just cirous, it’s cool we are getting some golden age Captain Marvel, it’s just weird they are starting with what at first glance seems like a random starting place.


I’m most looking forward to ‘Shazam! Fury of the Gods Special: Shazamily Matters’ and am very happy to see that’ll be available on here the same day it is released in stores! I can’t wait to see that movie and that book should be the perfect appetizer to hold me over until it hits theaters!


Issue 124 does seem kind of random. My first guess is that it might have been the first issue of a format change or a reduction in size, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. And the creative team is Binder/Beck/Costanza, same as it ever was. So I’m at a loss.

Hopefully someday we’ll get access to issue 123, in which Cap comes across a dinosaur farm! I’ve only seen the cover, but it’s amazing, and I desperately want to read that story now.


will the digital comic come with the variant covers? That would be cool


It could just be that they don’t have copies of the earlier issues, or copies in good enough condition to digitize. I remember the 80’s Spectre series was missing an issue and in a thread somewhere a mod said that they skipped it due to them not having a copy currently in their archives. If they are missing books from 1988 I started wondering if some of the random missing issues in Bronze age series and before are not due to DC not having that in their archives. I mean it was only a few years ag More Fun Comics #1 was obtained, I remember DC Daily actually doing a story on it. So could be their are either missing the eariler issues, or just missing so many that was the earliest they could make a good run.

My guess (and all I can do is guess I don’t claim to know anything), is that a whole bunch of old Captain Marvel and Marvel family books are in the public domain and as such have been easy to find for years on various sites that archive public domain comics. A couple years back DC contancted most of them and issues takedowns for the books on those sites not in the public domain (to DC and Warner’s credit they only issues to take down the ones not in the public domain, when some companies would have ordered them all taken down and counted on the fact no one would challenge their lawyers on the fact they are not legally entitled to do that with many of them). So would not be surprised if the earlier issues were in the public domain, and thus DC figured it would not be worth the money to digitize them as on comixology and the like they likely would not sell great since anyone who wanted to read them had been able to for free for a long time now. So that was the first issue that was not in public domain.

But again just a guess but seems lke the most likely reason in this case.


I wonder why they start Whiz with #2