What's New on DC Universe Infinite: June 2022


Ah… danke schön!

Thank you very much. :smiling_face:


Least somebody is, to me its terrable

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Batman : One Dark Knight :sunglasses:

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Hope we’ll be getting some main DC Universe archive issues before long.
Glad we’re at least back up to four a week.
It’s not the ten or twelve per week that we started with, but it’s getting there.


I’d be overjoyed to get back the five that we had last year, which was the standard for a while. I never knew we once got 10-12 per week. I haven’t been here that long.


Why is there so little Superman content? The 50s, 70s, 80s, and 1960-66 are not there. Surely I’m not the only Superman fan who’d like to see more!


We’re getting Wetworks? :star_struck:

faints in joy, then regains consciousness

More classic WildStorm is always welcome!

This means I need to start picking up McFarlane Toys’ Wetworks figures, now.

Thanks, DCUI! :hugs:

Also, we’re getting the Pride 2022 one-shot early?

faints in joy once more, then eventually gets back up

That’s rad, because it saves me ten bucks…which, let’s be honest, will just go towards other books, instead.

You’re welcome, DC. :superman_hv_4:

Also, I’m glad the number of new to digital archive releases is increasing. Every little bit helps, so thank you for that, digital DC gods.

June’s shaping up to be an excellent month for DC, both for new to retail and new to DCUI books! :partying_face: :batparrot:


Seeing @Vroom jumping up and down, shouting, “Yes! Yes! YES!”

:point_up::slightly_smiling_face: @Moderators, I’ll have what’s he’s having.

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You can find a log of them starting here: What DC Comics Digitized This Week


Someone’s seen When Harry Met Sally…:smirk: :laughing:

I wasn’t jumping up and down…I just…you know…clutched the armrest on my computer chair hard enough to shatter it, Kryptonian under a yellow sun-style, in joy when I saw we’re getting Wetworks in digital. :partying_face:

I needed a new computer chair anyway, so it kind of all worked out, in the end.

So, being that I’m saving $10 by reading the Pride 2022 one-shot on DCUI, what should I buy in its place?

Kind of thinking of getting caught up on Batgirls (I only need #6 to be caught up)…or maybe the latest ish of Wonder Woman (specifically, its Jonboy Meyers variant).

Tell me DC, which of your fine wares should I spend that $10 on?

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I honestly don’t waste my time with this service anymore. If you would upload Warlord and Sgt. Rock and Haunted Tank and classic Weird War, etc. then I’d care again.

I’m sorry you’re not feeling content with the service. I’d be happy to note down your feedback regarding the titles you mentioned!


A humble request

What ever happened to Batman fortnite foundation? It was listed for last month and never came out. Thought maybe it would of been listed for June.

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Hey hey! Unfortunately, that issue was included by mistake. However, it may end up coming to the service down the road, so keep an eye out.


I’m curious about Batgirls because I know a YouTuber that loves it. Any Milestone or Wildstorm is welcome, but at the rate of release on Wetworks I don’t know if I have that much life to make the end.

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Any silver age releases planned for us older “kids”?

I’m just curious why Blood Syndicate: Season One isn’t being released day & date like the other new (Season One) Milestone series were?

One-Star Squadron! I enjoy team books and the heroes in this seem very interesting to me. And the storyline also intrigues me. To bad its only 6 issues.