What's New on DC Universe Infinite: April 2022

The Arrowverse comics are launching here too. Awesome™:+1:. Can’t wait.




Deathstroke Inc. is a wicked-fun series, and I too have been buying it as it comes out. My favorite issue so far was #6 (I have 7, but have yet to crack 'er open).

I’m looking forward to how the series weaves into Shadow War.

As for the topic at hand…

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First and foremost, getting the rest of Captain Atom: Armageddon is great, just great!

I’d like to believe this had some influence in the book getting its digital wrap-up, as myself and others requested the final issues a few times over.

As for other incoming books, getting the Earth Prime stuff early (same day as retail, or before retail, @Alec.Holland?) is nice. I’ve been looking forward to those, especially the Superman & Lois portion.

Other new to DCUI fish I’ll stick on my reading hook:

  • Batman/Catwoman #8
  • Catwoman: Lonely City #1
  • The Flash #775
  • New issues of Hardware

Oh, and as for Captain Carrot? ****. YES. :raised_hands:t2: :metal:t2: :rabbit:


I’m pretty sure that this is just collecting all the back-up stories that was going on during the initial first arc of Wonder Woman, I don’t think there’s anything new in there.

I definitely noticed the Deathstroke Inc there – I personally haven’t been picking it up (I plan to pick up the issues for Shadow War), but I’ll definitely get into this one too.

I’m going to shout out and recommend to everyone Catwoman: Lonely City, as well as Batman: The Imposter – two amazing Black Label books that do some really cool and different things with the Batman universe.


The KSA Krew poppin’ bottles every time a new archival series is brought back. HYPE


this is a fun one. i love this series cause its keeping me guessing, but also has a lot of interesting things in the art you start to notice with more read-throughs. The best thread for the current DC universe discussion is: Batman/Catwoman 1-8 Discussion Can Contain Spoilers
but the fun one for me is The Easter Eggs In DC Black Label Batman/Catwoman because I AM ALWAYS FINDING NEW EASTER EGGS IN THIS SERIES.
also yes I started most of the discussions on this series =)


D’oh! I forgot to add that to the fish I’m sticking on my reading hook.

fixes his previous post

“Done, and I mean done!”


Captain Carrot is pretty unexpected! It’ll be good to bring those issues out into the light again.

It’s weird to be looking at a series that, even on a weekly schedule, won’t complete before Blood Syndicate runs its course.

Out of the new stuff, the Earth-Prime series should be fun, and I’ll be happy to finally take a look at Deathstroke Inc and A Wolf in Gotham.


I especially look forward to seeing you in issues 8 and 9. :smile:

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If I had to guess, I’d say Captain Carrot is getting the boost for more animal-themed books around the release of the Super Pets movie. I’ll take it.


Pro tip for anyone who will be embarking on a Captain Carrot read: the preview insert from New Teen Titans #16 is essential. It’s the true start of the story, and issue #1 of Captain Carrot picks up immediately after the preview ends. Luckily, the preview has been digitized and can be read on hoopla:

Title Issue #s Available In hoopla Notes
Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew Preview insert from The New Teen Titans (1980) #16 DC Through the 80s: The Experiments https://www.hoopladigital.com/title/14302260

Now that Soul Plumber has wrapped up is DC Horror still a thing? Both series were great and I would love to see that imprint keep going.

With that out of the way, Catwoman: Lonely City is a great read. Refrigerator Full Of Heads has not let me down and is a fun sequel to Basketful Of Heads.

The archive releases that I am looking forward to are the Captain Carrot books. I have wanted to read those for a while.


A Harley Quinn
Captain Carrot

Exists in our library


Re 16 page insert

This YouTube video
Might help
At least give the gist of the insert


I have been super excited to read Deathstroke Inc and I am intrigued/happy to check out Catwoman: Lonely City!


A lot of good Wonder Woman stuff coming out this month!


Cannot give Catwoman: Lonely City enough praise, it’s a truly incredible book.

On the downside, another month with only 3 backlog issues a week. It’s clear this is now the new normal, and there is no way to sugar-coat this. That number is pathetic. I’m excited to see Captain Carrot, but we’re now locked into the same 5 series, 4 of which we don’t even get every week, for months on end. And that’s trusting that we’ll actually get all of those issues- you started digitizing Zatanna and Superman: The Secret Years and dropped it after a single issue. Those series are only 4 issues long!

It pains me to have to write such a screed, but I’m frustrated with this. I’ve been a subscriber since the very beginning, and I have to wonder what I’m even paying for.


Captain Carrot


Been buying most of the Bat family titles. Deathstroke inc. sounds cool.


Welcome back to the community @gothambelfry258.16653! :wave: I’m glad to hear you’ve been enjoying the recent titles - feel free to let us know what you think of them.

Please don’t hesitate to let the moderator team know if you need anything as well. :batparrot: :00_deathstroke: