If you like crisis, and you you like infinity, then have we got the releases for you!

Why wait for the full comics digital library to bring you the best of DC comics? Right now, you can read many of the landmark titles that define DC as we know it today.

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Will you be reading Infinite Crisis for the first time, or the tenth? Let us know in the comments below!


I have probably read Infinite Crisis 40-50 times. Crisis on Infinite Earths 2-5 times. I prefer the Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline, but never got around to buying the collection. Thanks for the update.


I’ve read Infinite Crisis twice, so why not a third time?


I think the best thing about Infinite Crisis was that it led directly to 52, probably one of the best series DC has ever produced.


A good point. 52 was very, very good and always one of my Top Five reads each week.

One of the best things about Infinite Crisis for me was that it (along with JSA Classified) got me more interested in Power Girl, who would go on to become one of my favorite DC characters.


Zero Hour issue #4 is missing.


That’s not to say Infinite Crisis is bad either. Its a pretty run of the mill DC event with “shocking” deaths and continuity changing “twists”. 52 was something special though.

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COIE!!!The OG of crisis and reboots!!!

Haven’t reread it in years. Need to block out some time in my schedule.

Anybody know if there is a dependency list. Issues from other titles that tied in to what issue of COIE?

Drooling so much now, I need a lobster bib. :slight_smile:

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hands off a lobster bib Here, take two. COIE does induce alot of awe-inducing drool afterall.

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I would like to renew my subscription. Now. How do I do thos

If I may, Countdown to Infinite Crisis still seems to be missing. It’s especially glaring as the “Infinite Crisis prelude” series it sets up (OMAC Project, Rann-Thanagar War, Villains United, and Day of Vengeance) are all on here.

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You may, and thanks @VengeanceNightBatman! I’ll pass this along :slight_smile:

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@rudy66964, hm, what challenge are you facing to renew? Depending on your platform of choice, you should be able to find an option to find an option to renew under Settings > Account. Hope this helps!

LOVE how you have been posting ‘Epic Collection’ of big stories or events that may have occurred over more than one book or comic title. Is there a way to search past or existing collections? I would love to see that become a permanent section under “View More” in the “Comic Books” section of the app. Anyway, just want to say how much I’m loving the app and how much i appreciate new comics and content being added so regularly.


Fantastic work DCU!!! Im already making my list and planning out a huge read through. Though, I don’t want to be that guy…but the Dark Nights Metal collection on the Comics home page omits the Dark Nights one-offs in said collection, even though most are on the app, And Batman who laughs #1 doesnt seem to be on the app at all. Not a huge deal, just thought you guys should know! Keep up the amazing work!!!


So I think it’s cute that Whitney Moore dressed as catwoman and I’ll say this that guy should have showed up because if it was me I would have never let her go that’s an awesome story lol for hush lol

Read through the entirety of Crisis on Infinite Earths yesterday (well, the maxi-series itself, anyway). It’s my new favorite comic. Hands down. I’m not even a fan of Marv Wolfman’s writing most of the time (his dialogue tends to be very hammy and awkward even when the story ideas are good), but he did an amazing job on CoIE. And of course, Perez’s art is beautiful. Can’t believe I never made the time to read it before. Thinking about moving on to Zero Hour, but the first issue (which is to say, #4, because Zero Hour was a Countdown before counting down briefly became cool and then stopped being cool again) is missing, so I may just jump ahead to Infinite Crisis or read Legends instead.

Zero Hour is missing issue 4, the first issue. Hard to start a reread without that first issue.

I loved that event. It was my very first line-wide crossover and the tie-ins were so clever and interesting, not to mention the novelty of the first #0 books across the whole line. I hope you’ll add those too, like you have for COIE.

While it didn’t fix all the problems of COIE (and introduced some of its own), it felt like a good faith effort to tell a good story and be good caretakers of the universe we all love.


Of course, as soon as I post this, y’all release every tie-in and #0, but Zero Hour #4 is still missing.


Loving the content. Doom Patrol is amazing! I am hooked on each character . I hope the show continues for years to come with such amazing talent and stories to tell! Very pleased DC!