What's New on DC Universe: BATMAN: NO MAN'S LAND and Geoff Johns' HAWKMAN

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We have some pretty superb news for you, hot off the press, and ready to share! This week, we’re doing an overview of not only the premiere of our new show, Doom Patrol, but an array of new comics we’re sure you’re bound to love!

From the streets of Gotham City to the cities of Thanagar, we’re rolling out an assortment of comics just in time to add to your reading list for the week. Options include No Man’s Land, and Hawkman, as well as plenty more to choose from of Mark Waid, Barry Kitson, George Perez, and Ed Brubaker’s work, all now available for your reading pleasure!

Have a favorite title you’re looking forward to, or any fond memories of those mentioned that you’d like to share? Let us know below!

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As always, thank you very much to TPTB for the new books. I’m glad to see more Wildstorm goodness in the forms of Sleeper and Point Blank. Johns’ Hawkman is a nice surprise too!

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I didn’t know that Batman:No man’s land have 100 issues! That’s alot of reading. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve never even heard of Point Blank and I’m excited to read it. More comic goodness.

@msgtv, I hadn’t heard of Point Blank either. Evidently it takes place before Sleeper. Once I saw Grifter was in it, I was sold.

Lost all my trades to No Mans Land so I will be re reading these Thanks Guys!!

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Reread Hawkworld last night, in one sitting!

Thanks, guys

@Vroom & msgtv

Point Blank is actually included in the Sleeper Season 1 trade and starts with it. So, yeah, it happens prior to Sleeper Season One. It has been awhile since I read it, but getting ready to do a reread right now and then move on to Season 2 on here.

Good reads.

Love me some No Man’s Land as it been some years since I cracked it open and read it.

I did like the novel way more but you always do more in a novel than you can with a comic.

@missinkblot - several of the no mans land (the robin issues specifically) cannot be downloaded. are they no able to be downloaded

The cat woman issue 73 is the wrong issue (the file that is on the site is cat woman 74 from 2008)

If you are having trouble downloading comic content, please reach out to the Justice League for assistance. You can submit a ticket at yourdcu.com/help

And thanks for letting us know about the Catwoman issue. I’ll be sure to forward this information to the team! :blush:

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In the main drop down list, there appears to be a new line


Which allows us to get to alphabetical listing of

Movies & TV

This is a great time saver, which people should know about. Much better than going to bottom of page, etc.

Content often appears on the main pages, then are replaced by New content.

Some threads indicate that the content was removed . One member thought there was only about 50 comics at any one time, which were rapidly being rotated out, rather than the thousands of comics in our library.

Whenever a member asks where something is, and other members reply, and there is no reply from original member, I believe member did not understand reply and gave up.

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I had this in suggestion box but no response

Hawkgirl 59 needs JSA Confidential 21 to complete story, involving Starfire’s sister.

Hawkgiurl 60 starts new story , without any indication of how prior plo was resolved.

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Please add some all ages books soon. You haven’t added any in months.

Thank you

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