What's New on DC Universe: ANIMAL MAN, JSA, PLANETARY and Tech Updates!

Read the full article at the link below, or find it in the News section of DC Universe:

Well hello, friends and neighbors! We’re excited as all get out to share with you the latest on DC Universe. Not only do we have our weekly addition of comics- we also have the very first episode of the critically hyped DOOM PATROL coming your way!

We’ll also be celebrating Valentine’s Day all week long with you. Visit our home page to discover new romances in the Valentine’s Day collection, and make sure to check back on the day for some custom DC Valentine’s cards you can print out at home.

In addition to all the lovey-dovey brewhaha, we’ve also rolled out some technical updates and bug fixes, including a SKIP INTRO feature on Fire TV and removing the need to download comics on mobile.

That’s a whole heap of information! What stands out to you? What would you like to see more of on the service? Let us know in the comments below!


Love the new books.

Please add some all ages book. That would make this service the best.

Thank you

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I’m so happy about the new ‘read’ function! Downloading multiple comics can be a pain. I’m always happy to see new updates and improvements to the app


The article says the 5 part action comics story “last Son” by Johns and Donner, but I am pretty sure you only have the first 3 parts and not all five unless I missed something.

Also didn’t read the whole article, but it says the New 52 run of Batgirl. Unless I am mistaken it was the 2009 Batgirl series added, the new 52 Batgirl series was already there.,

Is there a way to make the link in the new to dcuniverse “clickable”

Does an iPad count as a mobile device? Because I’m still seeing the only way to read is to download each issue.


I’m still download only also


Really excited about not needing to download comics on mobile. The main thing I use DCU for is reading comics on the go, so this is a huge quality of life improvement for me.


Are you using an iOS device? If so, then I am having the same issue as well.

Is there a way to see read issues or mark them as read? it makes it easier to find issues that have added. Or maybe you have a section that just has all issues added this week?

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Woohoo!! Skip intro on fire tv and offline comics?!?! I’m so happy.

I still have to download.

@raypletcher.31196, the updates are still rolling out. If your app does not automatically update, you will see a prompt asking you approve an update. Once you see the prompt to update your app, confirm the update. Once it is completed, you will no longer have to download. Hope this helps!

Planetary was, hands down, one of the best reads in decades. Glad to see the entire run now available for folks who missed it!


@GreekThunder agreed! Planetary rocks my socks!

What was the issue people were having with the download feature for comics on mobile devices?

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I downloaded the update this morning before I posted and I’m still download only on multiple devices.


Updated the app, restarted my phone (android) and still have to download comics.

Thanks for letting me know, I’ll pass this along to the devs.


Yeah I’m still download as well. Hope it gets fixed soon. Running on Android here