What's New for 5/14: JUSTICE LEAGUE: NO JUSTICE, ARMAGEDDON 2001, $More!

It’s Tuesday at DC Universe, folks! Which means we’ve got a fresh batch of delicious new comics just waiting for you to take a bite of 'em. Among the latest titles to arrive are the first issue of last year’s game-changing limited series Justice League: No Justice (by writer Scott Snyder and artist Francis Manapul), as well as the first issue of the blockbuster 1991 crossover event Armageddon 2001, the first two issues of the 1998 limited series JLA: Paradise Lost (a continuation of the story begun in JLA #6 and JLA #7), and much, much more.

Check out the full list of both “new to us” and “newly restored” titles in our News section. For now, that’s not those aren’t the only shinies we have this week!

In addition to all this comic-book goodness, we’re having a Spring Cleaning Sale in our DC Universe Shop. This sale begins at 6 AM PST on Friday, May 17th and runs until 11:59 PM PST on Monday, May 20th. You can save 40% off select Justice League Action Figures (including Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, The Flash, Green Lantern, and Hawkgirl), as well as 35% off the Aquaman M ovie Heather Royal Logo Exclusive T-Shirt! For more info, visit the DC Universe Shop.

Plus, be sure to enter Zatanna’s Magical Sweepstakes – running through Friday, May 17th – in which you could win a DC Cover Girls Zatanna by Stanley Lau Statue, along with a Zatanna trade paperback collecting writer Paul Dini’s fan-favorite run on the Mistress of Magic’s self-titled comic series. Find that in our News section, too!

Last but not least, be sure to check out the aptly named, second-to-last first-season episode of DC Universe’s Doom Patrol – “Penultimate Patrol” – when it arrives this Friday, May 17th!

What are you going to dive into first? Stories, Swag, Sweeps? Let us know in the comments below!


Can we get 4 to 5 more seasons of Doon Patrol? If that’s cool. Thank you!


More DC comics each week means there will always be something to read till the end of time!


Hundreds of missing Silver Age Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman issues still, and we got one this week? And one last week? I’m sad. If the major SA titles aren’t complete by this time next year when my sub runs out, I’ll cancel until they are complete and then come back. The service is great, and I have no ill will towards DCU–I just want to read comics on the service from 1966-1979 that I can’t afford to buy, not things from last year that I can find in a quarter box. I know they are not all digitized yet, but I wish I knew what “yet” meant rather than wonder if yet means a few months or years or maybe never.

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@karlkindt4 DC Universe doesn’t control what DC Comics chooses to digitalize and restore. They’re both owned by WB, but they’re separate from each other.


Yay, new shinies! The new issues of Hourman were my first reads. I’m interested in re-reading JLA: Paradise Lost, but only when the third and final issue becomes available in digital form.

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Young Justice should get a fourth season. Like if you agree!


Any word on Mister Miracle by Tom King?


The archive seems to add around 12 issues a week of past comics give or take. So it almost surely wo t have all the major ones complete. Although if you can get most of this bronze and early modern age stuff in a quarter box, I want to find those quarter boxes.

And Doom Patrol should get 10 seasons… minimum. I am not ready for season 1 to end.


:woman_superhero: Wooooo! I saw hourman out there & thought hourman… I am not so sure I know hourman. So much content. Thanks DCU! :woman_superhero:


Are the next 3 issues of Justice League: No Justice coming out in the next three weeks? Or was it a monthly title?


Where is this News section you mentioned in the post?

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It’s weekly.

Next month starts the new Justice League title that spins out of it.
Followed by JLDark and JLOdyssey in July.



Here ya go:

Any new movies or series coming soon? Other than the original production we know are planned.


Sweet, thanks :smiley:

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Did I miss the $more? I brought extra graham crackers, so…



The amount of new books seems to be slowing down. Any comment? Any plans to get more Bronze Age Superman?

There are books that were available on the service before, that were pulled without any warning (IE: Elongated Man limited series) that still aren’t back. Will we ever see them again?

Where are the old catalogues? All I can access in the comic book section are the new downloads…