What's New 7/30: Constantine (2005), Aquaman (1967), House of Mystery, & More!

DC, let me know when you will #saveSwampThing.

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:woman_superhero:I am loving the Aquaman Animated​:ocean: (remastered) Gosh it’s colors are just gorgeous. :fish::shell::lobster::ocean::octopus::tropical_fish::squid::blowfish::shark: Shout out to the Coloring Master on these fun epic tales. “Minnow”, cracks me up! Every single time. & “Tadpole”, just stop :joy: Wonderful, enjoyable, childlike fun! Thanks DCU - Good Choice! :bowl_with_spoon: Grab your bean bags, fav blankies, & a bowl (or heck, just grab the whole box - super SMC style) of cereal. :ocean: Cause, Aquaman & Aqualad (& of course, Tuskie) are seriously bringing us a tidal wave of good times of the ol’ TV tube :tv:

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Okay, if there’s nothing wrong about making John Constantine American, I guess you’d have to argue that it’s also perfectly alright to reinterpret James Bond an American CIA agent. Not that this is all that unusual considering there’s a French City Hunter movie, not to mention several Akira Kurosawa films remade as Westerns and/or space operas. Y’know what? I surrender, though I still feel like the names and title should have been changed in Keanu Reeves’ Constantine to make it at least seem more original.

I’m late but that Madame Xanadu was possibly the best comic I’ve read that I’ve

never heard about. Correction. It’s definitely the best comic I’ve ever read that I never

heard of prior to. Just phenomenal.

Please save swamp thing… It just getting really good :+1: i mean c’mon guy’s what the hell…

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You know these are all great an all…i guess for some, could be a lot of peeps but idk i can really only 100% speak for me and this listing is MEH! Mostly cause im here HOPING to see that you guys will revive finally THE OLD FAVORITES YOU SEEM TO FORGET THAT YOU LEFT OPEN ENDED, CANCELLED BEFORE ITS TIME AND ALWAYS SEEMS TO BE DURING ITS PRIME(the last part could be subjective but may be viewed the same by many) PLEASE stop bringing old and or obscure content that probably(subjective as well buuuut im still betting its not just me here)NOT content people chose to PAY a fee monthly to see. If you are going to do so then add in ssome real gems YOU KNOW(or should at least)a good chunk of people loved then and still love…some if not most i list probably helped your company gain its status and helped your business become as you are now so --Listed below are some i know for sure have had huge followings and still do, probably most i list likely and some more subjectively i think


  • even Justice League Action Shorts


  • NOT THE KIDDIE VERSION You Callously Replaced It with Even Though It Was Humorous I Admit…You Really Cant Be so Blind to Think Not Bringing the Original Back Esp how You Left It First…Instead You Thought It Was Awesome to Reduce It to Some All Comedic Kiddie Version and Not Even Make It Kiddie, but As Amazing Enough for Others to Find It Awesome Like Justice League Action …Nope…Just that Was Made and Everyone Else Got Kicked in The Teeth```

Batman Animated Series with New episodes or some other batman solo series as a successor to this iconic series.  I also did enjoy The Batman alot and that too got cancelled so```

The Batman 

Superman the Animated Series

CONSTANTINE - That cancelled NBC version WITH MATT RYAN as Constantine.....NBC of course wouldnt have kept it so not sure why it was shown there instead of the CW.  We knew itd be AXED there so WTF DC?

Vixen (web series)

SUPERMAN LIVE ACTION SERIES - This is or would be NEW not a revival or continued story like the others but you guys have had NO Superman live action sitcom since Smallville or Lois and Clark```
-  I HATED Smallville for a whiny Clark, the never ending stupidity of Lana(how she never knew ANYTHING for 10 seasons is like WOW), and its theme was always Monster-of-the-day and guess who this time is in the hospital cause of the monster of the day(There werent many characters in the main casting but they each are in the hospital every episode, all the time.........TEN seasons of this UGH....at least you're consistent that's def positive maybe??  Lois and Clark is older and dated for its theme and stories but i remember it was more enjoyable than Smallville.....if it wasn't for stupid Lana Lane maybe pfft but nope she was there always....still stupid and blind.

There is a TON i haven't seen ill admit and forgetting others equally important but these are what, FOR ME, are always forefront IMHO and i know id love these to continue and if not then maybe an actual new series rebooting or a successor here....maybe even a one-season thing to give it a proper far well.....something almost no company ive seen ever do for their loyal fanbase just cause we stuck it out with ya and to show we matter as well as those who are new.  I swear...if a company would properly do something other than seemingly give us who have been here forever more than a rare occasional treat like this and less kicking us in the teeth id be a customer prob forever or at least one who would be more up for giving u money and lots of word of mouth advertising,  NO ONE ELSE seems to be able to so.....(I do not mean pander or be overtly so making it laborious and not time well spent for a business.....u can please everyone just try even a bit more here and itd be appreciated).

the coolest thing about DC Universe is
all the cool comics & TV shows

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