What's New 6/28: ONE DARK KNIGHT

Happy Tuesday!

Who’s ready to BLACKOUT? With dangerous metahuman E.M.P in tow, Batman must traverse the streets of Gotham on foot – in the sweltering heat, in the middle of a convoy, and in complete darkness – to hand-deliver this electro-volatile supervillain to Blackgate Prison. Oh, and did we mention he’s already taken quite the beating on top of it?

On the opposite end of the Bat, we’ve got the Cat — a.k.a Selina Kyle, who is working through some major changes to both the city and herself in the ten years she’s been locked up. With the loss of those catlike reflexes in the middle of the “no capes” future Harvey Dent has finally established for Gotham, she’s a bit on the rusty side to be scheming an entire heist on her own; care to venture a guess as to some of the familiar, not-so-friendly faces coming to her aid?

Finally, after being whisked away from Earth by a cosmic horror, Wonder Woman finds herself alone in the ruins of an abandoned Themyscira. With no recollection of the events leading up to this moment, she must conquer what divine intervention has handed her between the ghosts of her past and the man who’s out to kill her — a harsh reality for a fabricated world.

Let’s see what’s new:



And if all these new comics aren’t enough to help keep your attention, we have a slew of events coming up this week and so much more in our Community!

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:notes: Wet-works! I’m re-readin’ those crazy Wet-wooo-oorks, yeah! :notes:


Scooby-Doo where are you?! This is such a lonely city for Catwoman.:slightly_frowning_face:
If she read Captain Carrot and the Zoo crew, I’m sure she won’t feel lonely anymore, Just don’t look in The Refrigerator, it has full of heads!:cold_sweat:

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Is anyone else having issues with their app??? Every comic I’ve read is completely out of order nothing popping up in my dive back in and some comic series that I read are even out of order like nightwing #87 is between #70 and #71 and my app doesn’t load properly as I’m reading a comic I always have to skip a page because it takes to long loading or I have to shut the app down and reboot it to read it and sometimes that doesn’t work… oh there’s more but not a enough time to write it down

Hey @seanybear56! :wave: I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues with your DCUI application. Unfortunately, the community moderators do not have access to account details or the technical system. Please reach out to our Billing & Technical Support team at:
yourdcu.com/submit and include any relevant information (version of the app, your phone model, any troubleshooting steps you have tried, etc).

They’ll be able to get you sorted out ASAP! :slight_smile:


I wonder when the next DC Connect will come out? I always enjoy reading it to look forward to the comics that will eventually come out on DCUI.



The DC Connect for the September solicitations in on the main website.

Curious that it isn’t on DC Universe Infinite yet.

And of course the October solicitations won’t be out until the middle of July.

Anyway, for me this week…

BATMAN: ONE DARK KNIGHT #1 – loved Jock’s art since THE LOSERS days at Vertigo with Andy Diggle.


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