What's New 6/11: New SWAMP THING, JUSTICE LEAGUE #1, and More!

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Ambush Bug (1985) - #1

Batman Family (1975-1978) - #3-4

Deadman (1986) - #1

Detective Comics (1937-2011) - #310

Doom Patrol (2004-2006) - #1

Human Defense Corps - #1

Batman (2016) - #48

Superman’s Girlfriend, Lois Lane (1958-1974) - #4

Total Justice - #1

Batman: Prelude to the Wedding: Nightwing vs. Hush (2018) - #1

Batman: Sins of the Father (2018) - #9

Cyborg (2016) - #23

DC Nation (2018) - #1

Deathstroke (2016) - #32

Green Arrow (2016) - #41

Green Lanterns (2016) - #48

Harley Quinn (2016) - #43

Hourman (1999-2001) - #7

Injustice 2 (2017-2018) - #61

Justice League (2018) - #1

Man of Steel (2018) - #2

Nightwing (2016) - #45

Shade, The Changing Woman (2018) - #4

Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay (2018) - #12

Teen Titans Go! (2013) - #56

The Curse of Brimstone (2018) - #3

The Unexpected (2018-2019) - #1

What will you be diving into first? Have you been road dogging with us on the Summer Supercation road trip? Let us know in the comments below!


I’m loving the road trips, with Metropolis being the best stop so far. I can’t wait to write a postcard (or three) from the City of Tomorrow.

New to DCU books…I’ve already harfed down Total Justice, but there’s a luncheon with the Doom Patrol and the Human Defense Corps, so I’ll stop by that, then kill time with Hourman as I go to meet Ambush Bug.


Just read Justice League #q1! Really excited for this. Scott Snyder is the man!

On a related note, at the end of Justice League: No Justice, it said that there would be a Justice League, Lustice League: Dark, and a Justice League: Odyssey. I assume JLD and JLO are coming in the best few weeks. Is that correct?


Please for all thats good add the Beware The Creepers from the 60s. Also all the showcases from the original run like 66 and 67. People need to appreciate Bwana Beast


@YoYoFroYo If they come to the service, Justice League Dark should come in late July and Justice League Odyssey should come in late September

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Sweet! Thanks :slight_smile:

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Why are further season’s of swamp thing being cancelled?


I just wish I could find these titles on my DCU Amazon Fire TV app. But I can’t. I can hardly ever find any of your content using this device, including movies, TV shows, or comic books. Have you ever thought of improving this so that it will actually work?


Check out the Swamp Thing Update #2 thread in the watchtower.

Bringing the app to more platforms is something that DCU is working on right now. They’re undergoing a lot of big developments (including Community 2.0, releasing the app internationally, and bringing the app to more platforms among many more things) so it could be some time, but again, they’re definitely working on it.

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Why is Swamp Thing cancelled? Why are Doom and Titans now probably getting cancelled!?! Your shows are what brought me in and have been doing great now!?!? I will cancel like what you guys are doing


If doom patrol gets cancel and the shows on here start becoming like the cws shows I will cancel this service


Just wanted to say it says Total Justice #1#2 and #3 are also on here. :slight_smile:

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I gave Ambush Bug #1 its own list.

Check out the Swamp Thing Update #2 if you want to know more about the Swamp Thing cancellation. Titans has been approved for a season two for a while now and every “news outlet” (mostly independent blogs) who’s saying that Doom Patrol will be cancelled is merely speculating and hoping to get lucky and be able to say “I told you so”.


All of the reports that I’ve been reading are indicating that Warner Brothers is slowly shutting this down or trying to fold it into their new streaming service they’re about to Launch which is really annoying. I’m really mad about the Swamp Thing cancellation it was actually the main reason I signed up for the service


Any chance we will be seeing Superman Batman Generations an Elseworlds Tale all three volumes anytime soon PLEASE!!!


Why get interested in a show that was cancelled after the 1st episode? Probably won’t see any more doom patrol either.


Because the show is friggin awesome! So far the show has looked, felt, and played great. It stinks that there aren’t current plans for a second season, but rest assured, DCU will have a whole lineup of equally great shows in the coming year.

Everything everyone’s writing about Doom Patrol are rumors currently.


Swamp things(#1 show) I really like the show An im also excited about titans season 2 and doom potrol season 2. Your 3 best shows

If dc comics knows anything, it is how to kill a good thing . The new 52, anything continuity, doomsday clock, anything on film a nolan hasn’t directed…alex rose covers…the card game…superman …current batman run. How does hulk out sell batman? How is swamp thing the show not a lead up to dark league? How do us dc fans still put up with the wcw of comics. Dc once owned marvel. How the mighty have fallen. They need to lose that stupid city attitude and get back to there humble roots. One great project at a time. Start with lantern. Then go to fate. Let shazam lead a motley crew with gal as the amazon and manoa as the man. Put the doom patrol in the movie with them . Leave supes and the bat at home. Delve into family development. Come on dc. We are in this together. We are rooting for ya.

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