What's New 5/5: DCEASED #1, Year of the Villain #1, & More!

May has arrived and DC Universe is in full flower with tons of cool new stuff for you to read, watch, and talk about in our Community. Take a moment to tiptoe through our tulips and see what’s blooming this week…

Check out today’s News article to see what’s new this week on DC Universe!

As always, new comics for your enjoyment:

DC First Issue Special (1975-1976) 12
Detective Comics (1937-2011) 376
Super Friends (1976-1981) 8
Eclipso (1992-1994) 7
The Spectre (1987-1989) 8
Wonder Woman (1942-1986) 45
Adventures of the Super Sons 10
Batman (2016) 70
Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III 1
DCeased 1
Deathstroke (2016) 43
Female Furies 4
Green Lantern (2018) 7
Harley Quinn (2016) 61
Justice League (2018) 23
Year of the Villian 1
Young Justice (2018) 5
Teen Titans Go! 68

And if all these new comics aren’t enough to help inspire your creativity, we have a new episode of Harley Quinn this Friday with our weekly Watch-Along, a slew of events coming up this week, and so much more in our Community!

Let us know where you are checking out first in the comments below!


Do you know when we are getting the Terrifics #15 ? It should have been out last week, correct ?

So are the new to read comics going to be listed here, not in the new to read section? I’m confused.

Looks like another good week for cooommmiiiiicccsss on ,DC Universe.

Year of the Villain :weary:

Is there any word on when the older comics that are missing will be digitized and put on the app?


DCeased is fantastic. One of the highlights of the past year at DC.

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I’m super excited to DCEASED. It seemed interesting when it first came out but I never picked it up.

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I loved it. It is crazy fun. Tom Taylor is a gifted writer. Hope you enjoy!

Oh nice, Deathstroke. The Priest run is really good so I’d recommend it