What's New 5/26: JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #11 & More!

Summer has finally landed on our shores, but even if it’s not the beach blanket bingo and backyard BBQs of years past, DC Universe has you covered with plenty of HOT new things for you to read, watch, and talk about in our Community all from the comfort of your couch. So leave the sunscreen on the shelf and read on!

Check out today’s News article to see what’s new this week on DC Universe!

As always, new comics for your enjoyment:

Detective Comics (1937-2011) 379
Super Friends (1976-1981) 11
Eclipso (1992-1994) 10
The Spectre (1987-1989) 11
House of Mystery (1951-1983) 209
The Phantom Stranger (1969-1976) 1
Wonder Woman (1942-1986) 301
Action Comics (2016) 1011
Batgirl (2016) 35
Batman Beyond (2016) 32
Detective Comics (2016) 1004
Dial H for Hero 3
Freedom Fighters 6
Justice League Dark (2018) 11
Martian Manhunter (2018) 5
Scooby-Doo Team Up 96
The Flash (2016) 71
The Silencer 17
The Terrifics 16
H-E-R-O (2003-) 1-16
Strange Adventures (1999-2000) 1-4
Mystery In Space (2012) 1
Supernatural: Beginning’s End 1-6
Supernatural Vol. 4 (2011-) 1-6
Wonder Woman (2016) 71

And if all these new comics aren’t enough to help inspire your creativity, we have a new episode of Harley Quinn this Friday with our weekly Watch-Along, a Stargirl Watch-Along next Monday, a slew of events coming up this week, and so much more in our Community!

Let us know where you are checking out first in the comments below!


Nice! Another Scooby Doo Team-Up! :batman_hv_6:

Supernatural: Beginning’s End? Interesting, I had no idea that they also had a comic for the show. Definitely will be good to check out since the final season of the show is on hiatus and keeping us in suspense for the last 7 episodes. :thinking:

@MissInkBlot now even more Supernatural fun for us and others! :sweat_smile: :sunglasses: :+1:


Thanks for the list! I’m dying to read The Wild Storm #22 and was crushed when it didn’t release this week. Is this imprint on a slightly different schedule? I ask because this round was all from May and The Wild Storm #22 was released in April. Thanks!!!

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@evileggplant Hey there! Welcome to the community! Thanks for pointing this out. Sorry, it seems like that issue slipped through the cracks last month, it should be up soon!

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Just wanted to say thanks for this. This is one I reported a few weeks ago as missing issues, so thank you for adding those issues!


I began looking into some info about The Spectre (1987) and came across an article about a boy in Utah who had the parents call the news because of boobs in issue #9 :scarecrowlaughhqtas: :scarecrowlaughhqtas: :scarecrowlaughhqtas:

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Excited for The Phantom Stranger #1.

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I’m looking forward to finally seeing what Stargirl is all about! Let’s go JSA!

Never liked Stargirl in the comics, this has won me over with just a few episodes. Not only is she nice, but the enemies have really got some mystique going here. Great acting all around (Crusher, really looking forward to seeing more of him).