What's New 3/31: HARLEY QUINN Season 2 Premieres & Detective Comics #1000!

It’s the end of March but we’re not going out like no lamb! We’ve got lots of cool new things for you to read, watch, and talk about in our Community, including the Harley Quinn season 2 premiere, Detective Comics #1000, and more!

Check out today’s News article to see what’s new this week on DC Universe!

As always, new comics for your enjoyment:

Dial H for Hero 1
Eclipso (1992-1994) 2
Super Friends (1976-1981) 3
The Spectre (1987-1989) 3
Freedom Fighters 4
Martian Manhunter (2018) 4
Shazam (2018) 4
DC First Issue Special (1975-1976) 7
Heroes in Crisis 7
Justice League Odyssey 7
Wanted (1972-1973) 8
Sun Devils (1984-1985) 9
The Terrifics 14
The Silencer 15
Batman Beyond (2016) 30
Batgirl (2016) 33
The Flash (2016) 67
Wonder Woman (2016) 67
House of Mystery (1951-1983) 204
Detective Comics (1937-2011) 355
Detective Comics (2016) 1000
Action Comics (2016) 1009

And if all these new comics aren’t enough to help inspire your creativity, we have our FINALE of DC Universe All-Star Games AND Season 2 PREMIERE of Harley Quinn this Friday with our TWO weekly Watch-Along, a Clubs of DC Universe Mega Quiz, and so much more in our Community!

Let us know where you are checking out first in the comments below!


I’ve been loving the Wonder Comics stuff way more than I thought I would. Wonder Twins, Naomi, and Young Justice are all really great books, so I’m pretty excited to start Dial H. And, like with Action Comics, I think I’ll jump on Detective Comics going forward starting with 1000.

I’ve been trying to read a bunch with the COVID-19 stuff going on. I’m swapping between indies, Marvel, and DC. I’m doing Batman Beyond (the Rebirth run) and Silver Surfer (Slott run) at the moment. Trying to decide on a non-big two book to throw in there. I bought all of East of West a couple weeks ago, so I may start that up too.


YES, I’ve been waiting for Detective Comics #1000 for a while now. Can’t wait to read it!

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