What's New 2/10: Spooky Valentine's Day, New HARLEY QUINN, & More!

The smell of roses is in the air, the sound of Barry White reverberates throughout the streets, and the number of explosions in Gotham City has reached single digits: it must be close to Valentine’s Day here in DC Universe! Whether you’re cuddling up with someone special or rocking it solo this Friday, we’ve got plenty of cool new things for you to read, watch, and discuss in our Community. So crack open that heart-shaped box of chocolates, and read on!

Check out today’s News article to see what’s new this week on DC Universe!

As always, new comics for your enjoyment:

Detective Comics (1937-2011) 348
House of Mystery (1951-1983) 200
House of Secrets (1956-1978) 131
Superman (1939-2011) 22
Superman’s Girlfriend, Lois Lane (1958-1974) 21
Wanted (1972-1973) 1
World’s Finest Comics (1941-1986) 202
Adventures of the Super Sons 7
Batman (2016) 64
Deathstroke (2016) 40
Female Furies 1
Green Arrow (2016) 49
Green Lantern (2018) 4
Harley Quinn (2016) 58
Justice League (2018) 17
Man and Superman 100-Page Super Spectacular 1
Suicide Squad Black Files 4
The Curse of Brimstone 11
Teen Titans Go! 65
Young Justice (2018) 2

And if all these new comics aren’t enough to help inspire your creativity, we have a new episode of Harley Quinn this Friday with our weekly Watch-Along and so much more in our Community!

Let us know where you are checking out first in the comments below!


@DC_Community Young Justice (2019-present) #2 is on the list, but #3 (which came out a year ago next month) is what was uploaded instead. #2 is not yet available here.

That aside, World’s Finest #202 and Superman v1 #22 are my…says in Gollum’s voice precious…for this week.

The Curse of Brimstone #11 is mighty tempting, but I’ll wait until #12 arrives, then binge the whole 'ol diddlydootch.

I’m glad Man and Superman is here. It was last year’s best Superman book by a longshot, and then some.


Yep, YJ2 missing in action.


We need Chuck Norris on this one, @Don-El.


I actually purchased the first two issues of YJ. So I’m all right at this end.

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Thank u SO MUCH for Female Furies. Which, I just noticed the other day, my keyboard locked in as Female Furries. Two completely different worlds & I’ve accidentally been promoting the wrong one, on the wrong sight, for far too long now. oops :grimacing:


Just went to read YJ & looked all thru reading orders to see what I was not getting. If only I’d come here 1st. I thought there was some mysterious reason that no issue #2 was ever made. I also just remembered. The only non DC action figure I own is Chuck Norris. I’m going to have to dig him out for a random pictures page. If Vietnam couldn’t hold him, nor shall my basement.

Ditto, friend.

Last I looked, the correct issue is now available.


Female Furies was all I expected & more. Can’t wait to read the rest. Love how they started with Granny Goodness in her youth. A little abuse to the females, so just clarifying, I wasn’t into that. The rest was amazing tho.

I checked out Female Furies first. I think it’s going to be a good one and liked the background of Granny Goodness. I’m looking forward to the next issue.

Next one I’m going to read is Man and Superman. Th@t one looks interesting. And then all the others issues.