What's New: 11/12, THE GREEN LANTERN #1, New TITANS & More!

Friday gets all the accolades for being the start of the weekend, but meanwhile, Tuesday is out here working hard, bringing you tons of new things to read, watch, and talk about in our Community. So let’s give it up for Tuesday!

As always, we’ve got some amazing new comics for you:

Deadman (2002-2002) 9
Detective Comics (1937-2011) 333
Doom Patrol (2001-2003) 7
House of Mystery (1951-1983) 187
House of Secrets (1956-1978) 118
Son of Ambush Bug (1986) 5
Sun Devils (1984-1985) 1
Superman’s Girlfriend, Lois Lane (1958-1974) 18
Superman (1939-2011) 11
Strange Adventures (1950-1973) 217
Teen Titans Go! (2013-) 61
Nightwing (2016-) 52
Batman (2016-) 58
Green Arrow (2016-) 46
Harley Quinn (2016-) 53
Deathstroke (2016-) 37
Suicide Squad Black Files (2018-) 1
The Unexpected (2018-2019) 6
The Curse of Brimstone (2018-) 8
DC Nation (2018-) 6
Justice League (2018-) 11
The Green Lantern (2018-) 1
Adventures of the Super Sons (2018-) 4

And if all these new comics aren’t enough to help inspire your creativity, we have a new episode of Titans this Friday and so much more in our Community! You can read about everything that’s new in today’s News article.

Let us know where you are checking out first in the comments below!


Superman #11, Son of Ambush Bug #5 and Strange Adventures #217 are (in the words of Austin “Danger” Powers) “my bag, baby”.

cruises down the Comic Reading Rainbow in his Shaguar

Big Grant Morrison fan and have been loving his Green Lantern run. Highly recommended!


I have two questions. One, is there a place to see both incoming and outgoing comics listed? Also, forgive my lack of communication literacy but what is the easiest way for a general search or place to post a simple question? I have trouble finding the simplest information.

I thought super sons were in the library were those issues removed?

I don’t think there are.any outgoing comics. They don’t rotate anymore at least last I heard.

Super Sons is still there; I just checked. On your home screen, there is a magnifying glass icon you can click, that’s your search button. There are also some threads under the Suggestion Box (one of the categories here in the Community) where you can ask questions depending on what they are.

Or, obviously, you can just ask us!

@DanTheManOne1 is correct, comics are added every week but not taken away.

Should be noted they have taken out some comics due to extenuating circumstances, so it isn’t like it can never happen. But it has been a long time and is not even remotely a regular occurrence.

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Can’t wait to check out Titans on Friday. Deathstroke Vs. Ravager!! :superman_hv_4: