What's New 1/07: Heroes in Crisis, Old Lady Harley, & A Bombshell Sweepstakes!

Happy 2020! It’s a new year, a new decade, and we’ve got all-new stuff for you to read, watch and talk about in our Community! So break out the bubbly, get your poppers at the ready, and check out everything that’s waiting for you this week!

Read all about it in today’s News article, or have a wee sneak peek of the comics drop right here:

Title Issue #
World’s Finest Comics (1941-1986) 198
Action Comics (2016) 1006
Batgirl (2016) 30
Batman Beyond (2016) 27
Detective Comics (2016) 995
Heroes in Crisis 4
Injustice vs. The Masters of the Universe 6
Justice League Odyssey 4
Old Lady Harley 3
Raven, Daughter of Darkness 11
The Flash (2016) 61
The Silencer 12
The Terrifics 11
Titans (2016) 32
Wonder Woman (2016) 61

Are you going to dive right into the comics, or check out Queen of Fables’ return in the latest episode of Harley Quinn? Let us know in the comments below!


Can’t wait to read Batman Beyond! I think Joker wants to attack a new Robin with a crowbar, I hope Batman & Robin defeat him before he does!

I didn’t see Lois Lane #20 in new comics list, but I’ll go check the series.

Wow, up to 20 already. Does this old heart good to see this and Jimmy Olsen of the late '50s.

Maybe this is where 5G is headed.

Due the contents of this particular issue of LL, maybe it was left off the weekly featured section in Comics on porpoise?

A nice group of reads.

I’ve been reading the most recent (to DCU, that is) issues of Batgirl and have enjoyed them much more than expected, including #30. Paul Pelletier’s art is always enjoyable.

Friendly notice @DC_Community, World’s Finest #198 isn’t a new release. It came out digitally on March 15th, 2015, and has been in our library since Day One (it’s the book the series’ thumbnail is culled from).

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