What's In Your New Releases Bracket for March 6th?

Yeah, spoats! Go hoops!

Anyway, what new comics for this week are buzzer beating, game winning three pointers for you?


-Doomsday Clock #9
-Young Justice #3
-The Green Lantern #5
-Female Furies #2
-Adventures of the Super Sons #8

What are your touchdown reads?


Will enjoy

Black Hammer
Doomsday Clock


Adventures Super Sons
Green Lantern
Justice league
Young Justice

Buy just to stay current


Last chance

Female Furies
Green Arrow, last issue

The Question’s in Batman this week, so you know I’ll be there to pick it up.


Buy just to stay current:
Doomsday clock

Young Justice

Second to Last Chance:
Female furies

Doomsday Clock #9
Young Justice #3
Batman #66(heh)

Amazing Spider-Man #16.HU

Light week for me.

Waiting for The Green Lantern trade to see what Morrison is cooking up for Hal.

Dropped Justice League as of 18 and will start pursuing future issues in trade format. I feel like the story will read really well that way!

Doomsday Clock!
I’m back on Batman now that the crossover is done.

And from Dark Horse, we get the start of a new Black Hammer mini series. And I’ll say it again… the Black Hammer world is my favorite thing in comics these days!

@OldManJonah and those possibly interested in Dark Horse Black Hammer series.

You can ‘borrow’ the first two volumes of the first Black Hammer series by paying monthly fee for Comixology Unlimited. You an buy 3rd volume for about five dollars.

This my pull list for my local comic book store this week, needless to say I’m their favorite customer lol… I have no life
Adventures of the supersons #8
Age of Xman PrisonerX
Amazing Spider-Man #16.HU
Avengers #16
Avengers No Road Home #4
Batman #66
Conan the Barbarian #4
Curse of Brimstone #12
Deathstroke #41
Domino Hotshots #1
Doomsday Clock #9
Female furies#2
Green Arrow #50
Green lantern #5
Harley Quinn #59
Immortal Hulk #14
Justice league #19
Killmonger #5
Meet the Skrulls #1
Six million Dollar man #1
Star wars #62
Star wars AOR Padme Amidala
Star wars dark visions#1
Suicide Squad Black files#5
Uncanny XMen #13
Young Justice #3


@RagdollRebel, I sympathize with the long pull list. On average, I had a very big pull list when I was into non-DC titles alongside DC goodness.

Even after I went DC only, I still had a big list. As is the case with your store, mine loved me.

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The original Question, and the rest of the Charlton Heroes are front and center, admist scores of other Heroes, as several spaceships containing the assembled heroes, go to Mars.

Doomsday Clock 9.

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@Old maN Jonah

Black Hammer 45 by Jeff Lenore (Terrifies, Animal Man) is not what I expected, (a Justice Society type team) but way better. Basically a setup for the characters and the unbelievable foes they are facing, in the last days of World War II.

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:nerd_face: Not sure what is new for the week. I am headed to my shop today on my pulls list is Sandman- all of them. Looking to get caught up with HiC - need issue #3-on…, SHAZAM! Issue 3 (is it out?.. I shall see…) Not sure what else I will find today :thinking: certainly looking forward to it! :superhero:

Young Justice #3

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@toonatonian, Shazam #3 IS out. It’s good :slight_smile:

SN: Grizzly Adams DID have a beard =)

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Doomsday Clock


Young Justice

Green Arrow

I dropped Green Lantern just because I couldn’t really get into it. :pensive: