What's Going On With All the Titles?

Uh anybody else notice a ton of stuff that was previously removed (like everything that’s been added since the beginning) is suddenly available in comics again? And unlike last time this happened (back in December) you can actually read them! Probably won’t last long so enjoy them while you can!

I noticed that too!

Being an optimist, I’d like to think it will last. Maybe it’s additional, long lasting content to lure in new subscribers during the free content Fun Fest?

In any event, I was super happy to see so many new to DCU issues of The Adventures of Superman!


If it isn’t I can pretty much guarantee that it is going to backfire spectacularly when the stuff gets removed and people are pissed.

And its already gone.

I know, I was so excited discovering all those last night and I’m sad now. :disappointed:


Fingers crossed that there is a big announcement coming out of Wonder Con.

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