What's everyone reading?

With DC Universe putting so many comics on here! What’s everyone reading? I just started the Darkseid War and I’m loving it. I Read metal and the power rangers crossover the other day! Who else is exiting about all these comics?


I am currently reading a few new 52 Series : Zero Year (Batman), Flash and Nightwing


Sgt. Rock: The Prophecy
Brightest Day

and what ever looks interesting


The Endgame arc from New 52 Batman and the 2004 Challengers of the Unknown mini-series.




Gotham Central and All Star Comics at the moment.


I’m enjoying two of my childhood favorites, “DC Comics Presents” and “All-Star Squadron.”
Also reading Grant Morrison’s run on “Doom Patrol.”


Loving these answers! I am rereading Gotham Academy, myself. :smile:

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The Brenden Fletcher books are on my must re-read list. Especially since I lost track of Black Canary near the end and I missed out on Gotham Academy: Second Semester.

Right now, I’m working through the Young Animal books and Future Quest. And I’ll be adding The Terrifics to my rotation soon.

'90s Detective Comics, Robin, and Azrael. The latter seems to teeter on the edge between so bad it’s good and actually good, but is entertaining regardless. The former two are just generally fun. I’m trying to catch those three series up to where I left off in Nightwing and Birds of Prey before everything got added so I can read some of the big crossovers more easily.

Rereading Injustice, its a shame they dont have years 3-5 on here yet

I am reading the classic Teen Titans from the 60s but it begins to scatter at issue 24 I wanted to read issue 25 the introductions of Lilith CLay aka Omen

Going through post crisis Superman. Currently in the 90s about to read the issues where Superman reveals his identity to lois