What's coming to DCU in July?!?!?!?!

Joining on July 2nd,

Watchmen: Under the Hood
Green Lantern: Emerald Knights
Batman Year One
Justice League vs. Teen Titans
Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths
Justice League: Doom

All-Star Superman
Batman (1989)
Batman and Robin
Batman Forever
Batman Returns
Batman: Bad Blood
Superman III
Superman IV: The Quest for Peace
Superman: Unbound
Wonder Woman (Animated)

No Comics will be Leaving


I want but probably won’t happen: Both Pennyworth and Krypton episodes the day after they air on DCU similar to Doom Patrol!

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DCU Proceeds to post all of this a minute before I send it…


I get the need for rotation contracts and such but Batman 1989 should never leave. Maybe the next contracts will fix things permanently.

I think I’m part of the small majority that has never watched Watchman
…never really appealed to me when it came out.

But excited to finally watch something I haven’t seen 10x over on here.

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I’ve never seen it!

Not seen Watchmen but heatnitnis good. Will definitely give it a watch when it comes.out on here.

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I hear its really good so I’m looking forward to it. I’d also like to note that I never watched it when Netflix had it, but now that it’s coming to DCU I feel compelled.