What's a day in the life of a DCU staffer generally like?

I’m just curious what your workday is typically like. Do you only work on DCU or do you work in other areas of WB Digital alongside DCU? Again, just curious.


I am not a staffer, but I do freelance for DCU. You can find some of my articles on the “news” section. I do the Titans easter egg articles every week.

No day is the same, depending on what my assignments are. This morning I woke up and started writing down questions for a phone interview with a certain TITANS cast member (coming soon). Once that was done I recieved an e-mail asking if I could do an assignment related to an aquatic character, so I’m currently having fun looking through old comics.
I’ll be watching DC Daily later to take some notes, and checking press releases and reading Bat-comics for this weeks Batfan Friday.
Some of my articles are assigned, others are pitches I’ve made that have been accepted.
DCU staff have been great to work with. Being a fan make this fun.


Please tell me they’re hiring :wink:

Your articles are a good read. Getting paid to do that is so beyond schway.


JoshuaLapinBertone is the best! It’s so cool to be surrounded by people who are immensely talented and also superfans.
Those of us on the DC Universe team are devoted to DC Universe, but part of the charm in that is we do our best to try and unify the worlds across all departments (film, theatrical, originals, comics). We’re actually a pretty small team! But we do loooooots of communicating around the studio.
Obviously we each have very different days depending on our role, but it’s a super fun office. Everyone has a great sense of humor and works very hard at what they do. Even though we’re pretty new, there’s already an office culture that one person in particular really keeps alive (group costumes for Halloween, desk decorating contests for the holidays, and we try to go to lunch together about once a week).
It’s pretty quiet throughout the day as we all pound away at our keyboards, then out of nowhere something ridiculous happens and everyone groups up to g et silly. Someone may or may not have tried to knock an old pumpkin off a cubicle wall with a yo-yo last week.


Hey folks, I’m a person who works at DC Universe. Gasp!

My day-to-day deals primarily in asset management for various areas of our service, whether that be comics, movies & TV, etc. As a longtime DC fan, being able to deep dive into the history of different properties or characters is lots of fun, because it feels like I more or less live in a digital library where I get to run around and look at cool stuff. I love days where I’m asked to track down specific comics for an upcoming ad, so I can just plunge further into a character’s history that I wasn’t familiar with before, or see what’s coming up through the next year. Believe me, it’s going to be amaaaazing.

Not only am I able to take a part in building a platform made specifically for you, the fans, but I’m able to have fun with it too. I love being able to chime into random community threads, or say put on an episode of Constantine (which is, frankly, an underrated show) in the background while fulfilling requests. What brings me the most joy is knowing that people genuinely dig what we’re making for them, because we’re having a hell of a lot of fun putting it all together for you.


^^Person who keeps office shenanigans alive ^^ :slight_smile:


Hey everyone! I am one of the luckiest people on the planet and get to work on DC Universe!
Those of us that are lucky enough to work on DC Universe are dedicated to it specifically. It’s an incredibly fun office! My role has to do with the programming of content. Meaning, I help curate the content and present it in new and refreshing ways. I do some other things here and there, including my favorite role as DC Santa!!! Where I get to help Applejack hook incredible fans up with some sweet DC merch. My day-to-day consists of coming to work, always saying good morning to Applejack, and checking on DC Universe. I make sure everything looks good and is in it’s proper place. I check in with my boss and work on various projects we have going on. They always have to do with trying to make things better on DC Universe. As a life long Superman fan I know how seriously this means to people! That’s why we all work so hard to make it everything we know it can be. I wake up daily and still can’t believe that I get to go to work at the company that brought me so many incredible icons and entertainment throughout my life. I get to play in the DC Comics Universe everyday and get paid for it. It. Is. A. Dream.


I’m SiegeHey’s boss


It’s true.


As a DCU staff member, my days pretty much go like so:

Alarm goes off. I go to hit the snooze, but then I remember I work for DC UNIVERSE!
So, I jump up to greet the day!


I have an awesome day.
I work with awesome people.
I do awesome things.
I have awesome fun.

The DCU team is amazing, and I look forward to doing what I do, every single day.


All of the DCU staff are all amazing. I kinda feel like I’ve gotten to know some of you.

I’d like to give a special thank you to whomever pulls together the “essential comics” lists on the home page. They have been so helpful and relevant to whatever is going on in DC. I’ve read stories from the home page that I never would’ve tried or never heard of. And the layout of the page is beautiful.


Great thread! I love hearing about the inner workings of the DCU.


Awesome thread! It’s always so cool to see the behind the scenes work and appreciate the hard word that goes on to put something like this together. You guys are doing great and we thank you!


Interesting stuff. With regards to comics, do you have access to an Employee Only type database that you cull material from or do you use the same digital platforms the rest of us do? Do you get free or discounted comics as an employee perk? Ever see anyone famous from Publishing (or other divisions) waltz through your office(s)?

I think it was @JLWWSM that said it feels like we’ve gotten to know some of you over the past few months and I concur. It does feel like hanging out with friends.

How did you land your gigs at DCU? We’re you a DC employee in some other capacity beforehand or a WB employee elsewhere or were you from outside the Time Warner umbrella? Are you based in California or are some scattered about?

Thanks for your insight folks.


I’d love to work at DCU. I’d be happy being a Janitor at DCU, lol. Any entry level job would be awesome. Work my way up.

Hopefully one day I’ll get there.


For Vrooms questions…

How did you land your gigs at DCU?
Right place at the right time. I’ve been writing for a few other websites and I bumped into someone a few months before launch. I mentioned I could help with written stuff, and they were nice enough to let me do it! I’ve loved every website I’ve been a part of, being DCU is something really special. So in that sense, I’m very lucky that the person I bumped into gave me a shot.

We’re you a DC employee in some other capacity beforehand or a WB employee elsewhere or were you from outside the Time Warner umbrella?
I’ve never worked for DC or Warner Bros (and technically I still don’t since I’m freelance) but I’ve been around them for years. I’ve worked with websites and podcasts where I’ve had to communicate with DC publicity and publishing. I’ve been doing the convention circuit for years, so I know lots of the players. It helped make the “jump” easy.

Are you based in California or are some scattered about?
I live in Tampa, FL but I travel often. Next week I’ll be in NYC for a DC related event…I’ll be a guest speaker at Batman 90th birthday college conference in April…I do SDCC every year. Since my job is mostly writing, I communicate with the California team and send them my stuff.

I haven’t seen the DCU offices, but I’ll be taking a 12 year old DC fan sometime next spring, and he wants a tour…so I may have to send some e-mails and ask nice!


Interesting and good to know. Thank you for your perspective. :slight_smile:



The main DCU staff is based out of Southern California.

For me personally, I came from The Walt Disney Studios where I worked on a few digital products including Disney Movies Anywhere and Movies Anywhere. Before that I was getting my Master’s degree at the University of Southern California and spent some time interning across Universal Pictures, NBC, and Hulu. I’ve spent most of my my career in entertainment. I found my way into DC Universe by way of a connection from Disney who passed my resume through as they were looking for someone to take on a role managing consumer experience for the app.



Thank you for your input mrjb. =)


I’d kill to write for DC :open_mouth: I’ve always wanted a career as a writer but to do it for DC would be the achievement of all achievements lol!!

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