Whatever happened to WIZARD magazine?

'Memeber that zine?..what happened to it.

I remember at some point last year that there were rumors going around that they would be coming back, but I haven’t heard anything else outside of that.

I miss Wizard magazine. That was my geeky lifeblood when I was in grade school, and I still have a few issues on hand. I used to have the first issue but I sadly lost it.

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I think it fell victim to getting the same info faster on the internet, and more of it. I did love Wizard though, in the pre-internet age it was the hands down #1 source for comic news. Well, it and Comic Shop News.


It ended in 2011 because they felt print was on the way out and that Wizard was getting to be redundant what with all of the instantaneous internet coverage of comics. I remember they said they were going to try a digital mag, but I don’t think that ever panned out. I could be wrong.

I hadn’t heard of them coming back though. A digital model (with print if they feel like it) is a must now and if they can just stick to comics and comic related stuff (and avoid the non-comc fluff they covered for their last two years or so) then a revival could be fun.

The DC Nation magazine did a great job at capturing the essence of Wizard.


Ah the written (printed) word is a dying thing

I also miss it. Remember “the last man standing” feature? Didn’t the Silver Surfer win that one by taking down Superman?

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I was there from the beginning, use to be how I checked the value of my old comic collection

the interweb

I think Gareb Shamus sold it ( but not sure) to a company that now puts on all the wizard world cons. The mag started one in Chicago

It’s now an online magazine (https://wizardworld.com).

A bunch of the staff now work at DC Comics. If you look at the DC Nation magazine that DC released a few issues of this year, its very similar to Wizard.

I didn’t see any semblance of a magazine at the WW site, just promotional material for their cons.

That explains why DC Nation did a great job at capturing the essence of Wizard.

Dude ran the magazine(s) into the ground. Wizard only survives as a bunch of conventions because no one would pay to publish the magazine.

At one time it was the best source of comic book info but sadly mismanagement and changing times killed it.