What you're hoping for in Swamp Thing?

I’ve only just got into Swamp Thing so my first comic introduction was during his New 52 run. That being said, I would love to see the Animal Man crossover, Rotworld. I love the grittiness. I know they probably wont go that route in the beginning but maybe it could be a two or three part episode. Maybe even in season 2. For those familiar with the character, what’s a storyline you want to see adapted in this series? Also feel free to recommend me his best stories.


I know it’s going to be scary, and practical FX, which is a dreamboat. But what I really hope is that we get some strong threads of romance, the lush green foliage and life that the Swamp embodies, and a touch of the psychedelic that Moore brought to the run.

Also, Constantine. :heart_eyes:


A Dick Durock cameo would be sweet.


More Constantine is always a good thing. :heartbeat:


Baron Winters

I’m suspecting that Blue Devil will be taking Etrigan’s role in one of Moore’s storylines.
Probably the Abby in Hell storyline.

I really really want a season long adaptation of American Gothic.


Definitely hoping for at least a Constantine cameo. And more cameos from the “supernatural” side of DC.

Also hoping to see Swamp Thing a lot. I know that seems like an obvious thing to say, but Im hoping the title character gets most of the screen time.


Would the actual Constantine from Legends of Tomorrow appear?


I truly hope they don’t do the “he’s more human than all of us” or “what is human?” or anything that we’ve already gotten from Frankenstein, E.T., The Hulk, or The Iron Giant.

I also cringe whenever I think about what kind of social commentary writers will be making about the environment and how humans are damaging it.

I just want a show that’s not derivative or pushing a cause.

I hope the Swamp Thing is a show where there is a swamp monster that terrorizes people but least disappears back into the muck before he’s caught.

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That could work for a while. But I don’t see that carrying a whole show

Yes, fiction should speak to larger issues.

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I respect that

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I am totally stoked & cautiously hopeful that SwampThing will get all the love & get to grow (pun intended) :seedling: the whole JLdark world. :crystal_ball:
Who has seen the animated JLdark movie & the animated Batman & Harley Quinn movie. That is some outstanding source material to test the audiences love for them to keep going with it & not hold back. Show your love. Mow a yard, watch someone’s children, sell some material goods you know longer need & go BUY Those 2 movies. DC needs to see the support to take on these massive endeavors. :seedling: Do it! Please. :woman_superhero:

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Oh & is it the 31st of May yet?! … Oh the waiting… Wait. What is that saying? Waiting makes the heart grow fonder… all I have to say is the screening of SwampThing was phenomenal! :seedling: I am so thrilled that I got to go! Thank You DCU!

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The wait for Swamp Thing is like watching grass grow!

What am I hoping for, hmm… right now I’m just hoping to be entertained with a story true to the source, which I’m pretty sure is the Alan Moore era of Swamp Thing.
In the future, definitely hoping for Blue Devil to get bonded with his suit. More supernatural DC characters like Constantine, Etrigan, Ragman, Shadowpac, maybe some Poison Ivy. Animal-man would be interesting