What you want most from DC/DC wishlist

Ok everyone! It’s time to share what is on your DC wishlist! Projects/ideas you most want DC to do. Your dream ideas or comics/movies/tv series/shorts etc.

I’m still working on mine but I won’t miss an opportunity to ask for an end to the trope of Dick Grayson being sexually assaulted.

Also, I love any team up with Robin and Superman <3


I’ve been saying this elsewhere on these fora, but this looks like a good place to reiterate.

I have looked with dismay at the sad, sorry state of DCU movies. Wonder Woman is great, Aquaman is fun, and SHAZAM was even more fun.

The rest have deserved all the contempt and ridicule that they have received. My own modest proposals:

  1. FIX Superman. Henry Cavill is a fine actor, but he grimaces more than smiles, and is by far the worst portrayal of Superman, ever. I wish him the best, playing Geralt of Rivia, a role he is perfectly suited for. The best Superman remains the late, great Christopher Reeve, who, also, crucially, was the best Clark Kent. Superman is a mostly cheerful guy, and why shouldn’t he be? Almost nothing can hurt him, and he always does the right thing. He can be grim, in battle or in argument, but, when things are at their worst, the sight of the OG Superhero will make everything all right. Superman is the Moral Center of the DC Universe, just as the Steve Rogers Captain America is the Moral Center of the Marvel Universe.

  2. More solo movies. There’s a lot that could be done with Cyborg in his own movie (DOOM PATROL so far has the best Cyborg, though). Bring the Flash back to his original rogue’s gallery, with a light touch, would be great. Try to make a wonderful Green Lantern movie, back to the early Hal Jordan stories’ plots (I wouldn’t recommend Ryan Reynolds to do it again…). Zatanna, Doctor Fate and a few others of the magic DCU could

  3. J’onn J’onzz, the Martian Manhunter, is a much-underused character who is ripe for a big-screen treatment.

  4. Introduce Orion, or Big Barda in a movie. Both can be played as total badasses who nonetheless have a sense of humor. Then introduce New Eden and Apokolis, THEN Darkseid, who did precede Thanos, after all.

  5. Never hire Zack Snyder again. Just because the very dark Nolan Batman trilogy worked, it was a grievous error to think that the DCU mblockerhttps://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1-d&q=firefox+popup+blockerovies should be very dark. Remember, in DEADPOOL 2, DP says to the very grim Cable, “You’re so dark. Are you SURE you’re not from the DC Universe?” When that happens, change course fast.

I love the DC characters; I’m 71 and grew up reading them long before Marvel exploded when I was 13. You have a roster of characters who are beloved, worldwide, and just need to be rightly presented by people who love them, to the people who love them.


Revoke CW’s rights to DC


I’d like an ongoing Vic Sage/Renee Montoya Team-Up book, or a TV show.

I want Barbara Gordon to be Oracle again.

And for my third wish, let’s see Connor Hawke back in action.


Continuation of Teen Titans Year One

Take Geoff Johns off Shazam and remove the hood from his costume
Also Green Lantern: TAS Season 2 and a Legion of Superheroes movie

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A proper rewrite of Jason Todd/Red Hood’s story.

DCU pick up Krypton for a season 3



From DC Comics: I’d like for them to actually embrace their legacy characters instead of running away from them. Dick, Wally, Donna … they’ve all been treated so badly in recent years. Maybe do an Ultimate Comics kind of thing - where you have parallel universes represented in parallel comics lines - so that in at least one universe, the characters can age and grow (a lot like what Young Justice does here on DCU!) without overshadowing the ‘stars’ of the line. Wally was The Flash of an entire generation, he was the speedster representative for Justice League and Justice League Unlimited … he deserves much better.

From DC Animation (Films): A Green Lantern Trilogy: Sinestro Corps War, Blackest Night, Brightest Day. (I’d also take SCW > War of Light > Blackest Night)

From DC Animation (TV): Young Justice Spinoffs. Short seasons, one-shot movies, flashbacks or vignettes, anything that expands that Greg/Brandon/Phil vision of the DCU. Just more and more and more.

From DC Films: I’d like for WB to finally start making smart films instead of being a big-eyed cartoon wolf of a studio that is purely reactionary - either trying to ape Marvel’s success or trying to do the exact opposite. Find someone to lead that has a respectful vision and a heart that grew up in the DC Universe.

From DC TV: Bring back Krypton. DCTV is so solid right now, between the DCU offerings, the CW shows and random stuff like Preacher and the upcoming Sandman show, there isn’t a whole lot more I could wish for here … except perhaps more time so that I can watch everything!

From DC Collectibles: Bring back Icons. Bring back the Super Powers Collection. (Oh, and From Todd: Some reveals at NYCC. )


-Articulated figures, a la their All Stars line, of Cassandra Cain as Black Bat. Heck, I’d also spring for one of her in that get-up she had in Hong Kong for a time, where she didn’t seem to have a codename. They don’t need elaborate sets or anything, like the Young Justice figures, just some stand-plates, either shaped like, or engraved with, a bat emblem.
-Funko POPS of Cass in her various (pre-Flashpoint) identities.
-Maybe a re-release of the Steph Batgirl figure, but she comes with her own Bat-pod.

Live action TV:
-Better writing, in particular for Flash and Supergirl. Probably too much to hope they already initiated that directive for the upcoming seasons, though.
-Also, you should win things just by watching–oops, sorry, that’s another thing.

-Dan Didio given his walking papers, and Jim Lee either ousted as well, or at least removed from authority.

--Addendum to above: Dan's last act can be to record himself reciting the entire essay, "The Case Against Dan Didio" for DC's YouTube channel. If he resists, he gets mauled back in line by Alan Moore's beard.
-Reinstating the pre-Flashpoint origins and histories for Cassandra Cain, David Cain, Jean-Paul Valley, Stephanie Brown--Shiva, too, probably, since I think she got reinvented as well. Not out of some big admiration for the character, it just wouldn't surprise me if her retcon was as lackluster as all the others.

–Addendum to above: If you’re having trouble figuring out how to make that work, give me a call*; I work for less than some of your lousier writers.
-Knock off the “dramatic” or “shocking” deaths. We all know you won’t keep them dead, even if you want to. It’s tedious and boring. Not to mention, some characters are fine, just underutilized (or written by the wrong writer).

*No, I don’t expect them to actually contact me, but it never hurts to try. Unless you’re trying to lick your own elbow; that can lead to injury–especially if you’re successful.

^ Hey it’s called a wishlist for a reason

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Give Firestorm their own show!


I understand that everyone is in love with The Trinity and DC proper, but give a thought to the fringe properties; Wildstorm, Milestone, Rooster Teeth, Vertigo


i want kid flash on titans.

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i want kid flash on titans.

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I would love Martian Manhunter to get a show or movie. Always in the background think its his time to shine.

Also I would like Krypton Season 3 even if it’s just to give it a final season so it doesn’t end on that awesome cliffhanger.

Also just so more video games fear different people. I love Batman and will play any Bat game but there are plenty of other DC characters that would make an awesome game.



Oh boy, this is a loaded question so I’ll try not to go off the rails. Ready?

  1. Fix Wally West and make him the primary Flash again.

  2. Barbara Gordon needs to be Oracle.

  3. Get Bendis off of Superman and fix Clark’s family.

  4. Make comics fun again. Nix the nihilism, drop the darkness and dump the deconstructions.

  5. Enough with “bat-armors”, ridiculous contingency plans, and “super-richness”. Make Bruce Wayne THE Batman again.

  6. And finally, give us the much-promised Blue and The Gold comic we have waited decades for. Booster and Ted together screwing up the timeline and making The Batman miserable.

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  1. Continue making Justice League Dark character TV series. Zatanna would be nice and even Deadman. Let’s not forget Etrigan either. Now, that would be different. If you wanted to think outside the box, Dr. Fate.

  2. Justice League Dark tv series.

  3. Bring back Swamp Thing for season 2.

  4. Stop making every other freaking character part of the LGBT community. I get it. They are accepted, but really…Outsiders 3? Let’s ruin the 3rd season with politics and turning Aqualad gay. Better idea, let’s not. Too late. Who wrote that shit? Please can the poop out of them.

  5. Complete my wishlist.

This is what I would like to add to my wishlist. The sad part is I could have no hands and still count all the things they would complete on my list. Hopes and Dreams…smh.


^I’m for making comics fun again too. Dark comics had their time in like, the 80s. Can’t touch them now, it’s time to stop fighting for something that isn’t going to happen and embrace the lightness.

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