What Would You Think if DC Decided To Finish the ‘Snyderverse’ but in Comic Book Form?

With the release of Batman 89 and Superman 78, it makes me wonder how cool it would be for DC to finish Zach Snyder’s Justice League stories in comic book form. I have been a fan of DC super heroes ever since I was a kid, but as I grow older, I find myself gravitating more towards darker and mature super hero stories. I completely understand why Snyder’s take on the DC universe isn’t for everyone and I too have my opinions… but I personally think the overall story that Snyder was trying to tell, such as the post-apocalyptic Knightmare stuff, was interesting and suspenseful. Darkseid finally acquiring the anti-life equation, making Superman his puppet, the remaining leaguers send Flash back in time to try and stop the Knightmare future from ever happening… it sounds like such a cool story to me. Sure there are plenty of similar stories, but I have read just about everything that is related to Justice League vs Darkseid, and I’m craving more. Just some wishful thinking I suppose.


Will not happen as actor likeness’s are very expensive rights.

Both have very little to do with the actual movies and easily could have been marketed as having nothing to do with the movies.

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Warner Bros. Has No Plans to Expand the Snyder Cut Universe (cbr.com)

Zack Snyder’s Unmade Justice League 2 Comic Book

BUT, I think that was under other leadership. I wouldn’t say it can’t happen, but I also wouldn’t hold my breath.

So don’t draw the actors? The costumes and designs are probably more memorable anyways.

Those two, Batman '66, Wonder Woman '77, and the movie Batman: Gotham Knight was set in Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy universe. It’s just continuations and such.

What’s wrong with more stories set in said universes, Snyderverse included?


I’d certainly read the hell out of it. It would likely allow them to get even bigger and include more characters that way.


why not, it has been done for Batman 89 and the original Christopher Reeves Superman.

make it a black label series.


It was not. Nothing was finished. New plots were made.

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Might work

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