What Would You Like to See Whenever We Get a New Batman TV Cartoon Series

Reading it now and loving it (along with my new Kindle) and I see what you mean, the art style reminds me a bit of Jacky chan adventures, mixed with anime facial expressions mixed with a bit of Crayon shin chan.

ghaa (rolls around crazy anime mental break down style) each independent GN I pick up I want a sequel to. the one exception was Gotham high as I did not like that Selina was playing both Jack and Bruce. it was somewhat in character for ‘younger’ cats but I ship Batcat way too hard to like seeing her with anyone other than bats…and seeing the joker with anyone…(shivers) nightmare fuel that is. i would also love some animated adaptions of each but the aforementioned book.

I do feel that another Batman-centric show could limit the series a bit too much. Why not a series covering the wider DC Universe as a whole, sort of in the vein of Justice League or Young Justice, thus having access to more than just Batman’s supporting cast?

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well we still have young justice going onright now. i would almost rather have a interconnected Lois lane and superman, batgirl and nightwing (prefer this a bit more then starwing), batman and Catwoman, perhaps a mentor series of wonder woman supergirl (as this has not been explored much in depth) and then a justice league cartoon series that are interconnected like with the arrowverse. also i just want a few double date episodes.

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Honestly i would also not mind a show that’s more Slice of life then action, more about the hero’s every day lives outside of the ‘job’. I think that is one of the reasons i like the Catwoman’s series that started in 2018 were we see her struggling with her decision to leave Bruce at the alter, running on rooftops not for a job but just to clear her head, visiting her sister, Not being able to sleep without bats by her side. its also likely why my some of my favorite issues of batman rebirth is the two part double date book 37 and 38 and then the getting back together books that is 78 and 79. we really get few moments of the life of Bruce Wayne or Selina Kyle.

Having batman punch out the joker is always enjoyable not nearly as interesting to me as having Bruce Wayne punch out a friend who was taking advantage of the batman disaster fund like in white knight. bonding with Dick Grayson in a competition to seeing who could hold a one arm hand stand the longest, or Selina Kyle and Lois Lane breaking into the fortress of solitude during a batchlerett party like in batman number 68. these are a bit more interesting to me then the batman moments.

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Would love to see this idea worked into your other idea of the Arrowverse styled multiple Justice League cartoon series. Good stuff @Nobody.bladesmith. :+1:

Here are my thoughts, starting with what I definitely would want:

  • Wait another 10-15 years for it, so it can have a season when Batman’s centennial comes around.
  • Go for a TV-14 rating, mostly for violence and the nature of the villains’ crimes (drugs, human trafficking, etc.).
  • Focus primarily on Batman himself, but grow the Bat Family over time as recurring guests.
  • Find the time to do proper justice to stories like A Death in the Family, The Killing Joke, The Long Halloween, Knightfall, and No Man’s Land. The last three of those could – and should – fill an entire season.
  • Let Bruce be capable of warmth and humor, though it’s fine to take time before he rediscovers it – it might even wait until Robin comes on the scene (or until he becomes friends with Superman).


  • Focus on the classic, popular villains, but don’t shy away from “deep-cut” villains from previous TV versions, such as Baby Doll, King Tut, Egghead, or Marsha, Queen of Diamonds (or even the Condiment King!).
  • Take time with villains, allowing them to develop from the mundane to the fantastic if that’s what their history is like – I’m thinking specifically of Poison Ivy and Clayface.

Finally, it’s always bothered me that Alfred is responsible for all parts of household management and at-home support. Why not let him have a full household staff? There’s plenty in various past versions to draw on; for example:

  • Earl Cooper could not only repair and upgrade the Batmobile, but also be the husband of…
  • Harriet Cooper, the cook who happens to be Dick Grayson’s aunt (and, as a former circus brat, a badass knife-thrower).
  • Harold Allnut is also a great character who could develop Bruce’s Bat-gadgets, with his brilliance and non-verbal nature explained as autism.
  • Sasha Bordeaux as Bruce’s personal assistant and bodyguard (because why would Batman need a bodyguard?) would be a good addition.

All that’s missing there is a maid and a gardener.

Also, somewhere in the first season I’d want (if possible) to have Kevin Conroy come back as Simon Trent for a revisit of “The Grey Ghost.” No TV Batman should ever go without a story like that one.


exept for the 15 year wait that is a good idea, for a series like this you should start with year one, and combined that with a newer interpretation of year two as the original year two storyline got whipped out form zero hour. then a season that comprises the long Halloween as that is year 3. then we need dark victory which is when robin would be introduced. however, in the long Halloween season, you could focus more on Bruce Wayne’s relationship with Selina kyle as they ‘first meet’ each other’s alter around this time well also having a cameo aperience of a young Barbra Gordan as she is mentioned in the long Halloween. then you need to do a season of dark victory splicing in catwoman when in Rome. then for season 5 we would need it to be a filler season were Barbra Gordan and have the two growing up as with dick eventually leaving Gotham to get out of the bats shadow.
then season six is death in the family but combined it with the events of the killing joke just to put batman in a much darker place then just what happens with jason todd. season 7 would introduce tim drake, spoiler, and having bruce get into a better state of mind. then move into no man’s land for season 8 which would introduce Cassandra Kain as she is introduced during this time, season 9 hush and heart of hush, season 10 son of the bat and under the red hood , return of batgirl ending with bats proposing to Catwoman :grin:
season eleven bat cat wedding with some introductions of justice league members, brother eye, and brainiac incursion. season twelve would start with batman beyond and end with the timeline altered thanks to the actions of terry going back in time to stop brother’s eye. ending with the birth of Helena Wayne. season 13 could deal with the three jokers, and passing of the cowl.

I think they hire out staff to do the cleaning…wait for its batman wouldn’t he have like robot bat as a cleaning staff to assist Alfred. however we can have having Harold Allnut introduced during season 5.

that’s actually easy to do if say batman is a Monday cartoon superman is a Tuesday cartoon, Wednesday the adventures of wonder woman and supergirl, Thursday green lantern: Jessica Cruz, Friday Birds of prey with Hawkgirl on the roster, Saturday justice league. Sunday Nightwing which has him helping Barbra Gordan get back in the hero game and taking on a new hero identity instead of going back to being Batgirl. with batman having eather Cassandra Kane, Stephanie Brown as Batgirl.

we start with supergirls introduction, with her ship crashing in Gotham in the first episode of the Batman cartoon, her being taken by superman in the first episode of the Superman cartoon, then taken by wonder woman in the first episode of the wonder woman and supergirl cartoon having supergirl being taken to Themyscira. the first episode of the justice league cartoon is actually supergirl being taken by Darkside, with the next trinity episodes dealing with the rescue of supergirl which ends with the second episode of JL. then episode three of wonder woman and supergirl has Wonderwoman move to Blue Valley :grin: to raise supergirl, perhaps with a widowed Big Barda. the two begin mentoring, Stargirl, the new wildcat, Jade Scott, and eventually as eather WW niece or sister Cassie Sandsmark. Perhaps add a subplot of Big Barda and Wonder Woman being to date.

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you know an interesting new approach to batman cartoon is if he were a chi user not quite a dragon ball level power old arcade fighters like fatal fury/KOF style attacks(as in no flying or pure beams like the Kamehameha), batman has mastered every martial art on the planet so why would he not master some chi attacks. have him generally save them for opponents like bane, superman KC, Clayface…joker. have Catwoman use chi in her thefts and is bats equal in combat…mainly cause i have always viewed Catwoman as bats equal when it comes to fighting. he still uses gadgets and travels in the batmobile but he has something in his arsenals to take out metahumans in the form of chie manipulation, have him prefer to use his gadgets because chi is partially controlled by emotions and he cant control his output as well when he is angary.

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I do think I’d go with a “Year One”-ish story for the first season. For the villains in general, I’d have him start with the more mundane foes to start with, focusing on organized crime and corrupt corporate and government officials, with a few of the non-super foes such as Catwoman, the Penguin, and the Riddler. Season 2 would start going into “questionable science”, with Harvey Dent having his accident in Episode 2 (of course) and the Joker showing up at the end. Season 3 is where I’d want to start with “rubber science” villains such as Mr. Freeze, Ra’s al Ghul, the second Clayface, Poison Ivy’s toxins, and such, and start introducing some non-Bat heroes like Alan Scott and Jason Blood.

And yeah, Barbara’s and Jason’s incidents would happen almost back to back at the end of a season. And don’t forget Damian Wayne as Robin!

Some of the plots in comics (or the great ones in other adaptations) would get tweaks, of course. For example, I’d want to introduce Harold early in Season 1 (as I note above, he develops many of the Bat-gadgets), and in the story where he was killed in the comics I’d have him end up merely Hurt Real Bad.

The principle of tweaking would also apply to villains. I’d kind of like to make the Penguin into an “underworld fixer,” with an attitude somewhat like Carmine Falcone in Gotham, someone whom Batman tolerates and sometimes uses. He’d even actually help the Bat against folks like serial killers (especially those that target kids), environmental offenders, drug runners, and human traffickers. This is the most extreme “tweaking” that I have in mind, but should give the general idea.

PS: In an episode of Gotham, Alfred makes a passing mention of a gardener with a Japanese name (right after Penguin blows up Azrael). This individual, I think, could be a one-time fellow student from where Bruce learned his martial arts, and left with him. Between him, Harriet’s knife-throwing, and Harold’s inventiveness, anyone trying to invade Wayne Manor and expecting Sasha to be the only resistance could be in for some surprises!

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a great idea only one thing i do not like as ever since the New earth timeline in year one batman and Catwoman’s origins have been linked together. batmans first fight in a book or on-screen fight is an uncostumed street fight between batman and Catwoman the night bruce is inspired to use the gise of a bat. so to me being the massive bat cat fan i am Catwoman needs to be introduced in year one. heck have Cats arrested alongside bats that night and have Batman and Catwoman work together from the start…wait that’s a batcat fanfiction i am currently working on the first chapter of. but still, I can’t help but wonder what would have happened if these two were arrested together that night.

An interconnected series would actually work pretty well. I just hope it manages to cover every part of the DCU at one point or another. Metropolis, Gotham, Themyscira, Atlantis, the Green Lanterns, the realms of the New Gods, it’s such a wide range of characters and settings to pick from.

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No Batman, both Batgirls, Stephanie, all the robins trying to take his place, or an anthology series featuring Batman Villains.

In my take, Batman would just be the first series, with Superman and Wonder Woman joining in later. Then the Knightfall storyline could reach its climax at the same time as The Death of Superman and Themyscera’s withdrawal from the world.

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Themyscera’s withdrawal from the world? weren’t they always withdrawn from the world?

Somewhat. I’m referring to the period in the Silver Age when they essentially removed the entire island to a pocket dimension, resulting in Diana losing all her powers, and her artifacts doing likewise.

ahh, wait I thought she lost her powers cause she got tied up with the lasso of truth.

I an alternate way to go would be to have the ‘death’ of the tirinty. wonder woman and superman both are killed at one point in the new earth and have the best of them batman broken. it would be a devastating and demoralizing blow to earth heroes making way for an invasion. have superman and wonder woman come back in time to save the day in the next season but with bats still down for most of it with Valley as the new bats and have his recovery include him finally getting together with cat.

An interesting twist would be to have batman and a bleeding out Catwoman forced to take a dip in the Lazarus pits order to recover to stop valley who have been under the influence of The Order of St. Dumas has begun to use batman’s contingencies to take begin capturing the justice league for brainwashing. end this season on a happier note the last with a double wedding bat cat and Lois Clark. as Lois was proposed to before the fight with doomsday in new earth continuity as the whole reason for the death of Superman was literally to postpone the wedding so it would coincide with the tv show Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman but not at the same place. Lois and sups get married at a big church paid for by Bruce Wayne well batman and Catwoman elope in vegas as I feel this is more in line with playboy billionaire Bruce Waynes reputation…and cats too.

I like the idea That bats spoil his true friends with expensive gifts as he can afford to.
with the following season being blackest night :grin:

:thinking:…I hope DC animation is taking notes off this post. :grin: cause they should know what the fans want.

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I don’t recall if there have been any other major storylines where major solo heroes have lost their powers, but if enough of them can be brought together at once, then it would even more impactful when it’s revealed that it was all orchestrated by Darkseid!

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well, the flash would have to be the first to die as he is the last to be revived, with batman being the ‘last’ to die. Jordan would be tricky to kill off if you wanted to stick to cannon…honestly, I do not even want identity crisis to ever be made into any form of cartoon because of ya the entire thing and how it impacts bat cats relationship…and what the atoms ex-wife and evil dr light do in the story. MM would be hard to kill off then but I could figure it out… Ok, i feel a bit dirty cause if I continue this line of thought i would figure out how to kill off the entire roster of the original members of the justice league and some reservists…and do it in a way to make everyone cry there eyes out. so ya done with that line of thought for now.

tsch Not even the omega sanction can take out batman :grin: no wonder he can scare inter-dimensional destroyer of universes just by saying who he is.

honestly, i mostly know about modern and rebirth continuities… learned about wonder woman depowerment via a documentary on dc comics or a special in one of the DVDs…or both. i honestly do not remember.