What Would You Like To See Next in the DCEU?

That would be incredible!

I have always prefered DC’s animation to its live action. But I have suggestions for both. Several of which I have brought up in the past.
The Society- The original Justice Society Hippolyta, Jay Garrick, Alan Scott, Ted Cord coming together to fight some great evil in the forties or fifties. yes I know we saw that already, but this time with the original characters.

The Bad Joke- Harley Quinn, recently released from her service to the Suicide Squad is placed in a position where she is the only one who can stop the Joker from releasing a nerve toxin and killing a lot of people. Only she also has to avoid the heroes who all think she is in on it.

Live Action
Slade- Slade Wilson, a former Special Forces Operator turned Private Military Contractor was the result of a top secret experiment to make him faster and stronger. Only it took away his empathy and sense of right. But a terrorist group has kidnapped his ex-wife whom he still loves is wants him to assassinate a high level UN figure or they will kill her.

Prey- Huntress is a vigilante who targets the worst of organized crime. She learns a major drug cartel has arranged the deaths of the families of several federal agents ready to testify against them. She also knows that those responsible for the safety of these families have been corrupted and that the man who gave the order killed her parents. The only way to catch the assassin alive so she can learn where the shot caller is to become his next target.

Q- The Question is the guy you turn to when you have no hope and no other options. he wade into the darkest parts of the city to protect the innocent and get the answers. He has adversarial friendships with both Batman and the Riddler and an information trading alliance with Oracle.

Mercy- a Harley Quinn style animated comedy about Mercy, fresh out of business school, her mother is always trying to get her to date a doctor, her roommate is always late on her half of the rent and her boss is trying to kill Superman and take over the world.

Live Action
Mage- Zatanna is the most popular stage magician in Vegas and has her own cable show. But she is also a true sorceress and it is her responsibility to protect the world from dark magiks and beings from other places. She will work with Constantine, Dr. Fate. Madame Xanadu, Swamp Thing, Wonder Woman, Jason Blood and others.

The City Beat- think Powerless only set in the newsroom of the Daily Planet. Perry White, who has high blood pressure and no concept of an inside voice, Lois Lane who out does everyone to get a story but is insecure because she feels her parents love her sister more. Jimmy Olsen, who ogles every woman and thinks everyone is Superman, except his buddy Clark. And Clark kent who never seems to be around when a supervillain is robbing a bank or aliens invade.


Off the top of my head, just like a Superman movie set during world war two or the Great Depression about how superman strives to inspire hope in a hopeless time (but sometimes he inspires fear instead) and he gives everyone a second chance because he sees there is good in all people (but sometimes people take advantage of him). Jor-El encourages Clark to view himself as a god to the people of earth and humans are lesser beings, to rule over them. Yet this contradicts with what his adopted father tells him about the good in everyone and the power of hope and inspiration. He struggles with the war, as he feels killing people is never justifiable, yet he feels he has a duty to help and protect the people of his country. Anyhow, just another story about the struggles and questions an alien with a big heart might ask himself about humanity, and how to inspire it.

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Hawkman and Hourman are more of the original characters (and Dr. Fate was in it too) than Starman, so these are the original characters, just different ones.


I really don’t want to see the Flashpoint movie in theaters, it feels corporate of a unnecessary course-correction by WB. By trying to emulate Marvel studios expanding their movies into the multiverse concept to set up a soft reboot of their cinematic universe.

Honestly I been liking the loosen continuity of the DCEU that is more diverse and creative with Joker, The suicide squad and Batman.

With the wide-spread controversy of Ezra Miller antics, I’m hoping it just gets dumped on HBO MAX.

I really want to see a Justice League again, but I think because Henry Canvil and Ben Affleck aren’t playing superman and Batman, and the characters going through major changes in their own respective universes. We should definitely get a Justice League movie inspired by the roster of the 80s international team.

It doesn’t have to change much about the current DCEU roster but just have new characters like Blue Beetle and Shazam fill out the loss roles occupied by Cyborg and Flash.